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How to activate debit/credit cards for online shopping in Nepal.


Online shopping has not only proven to be easy and convenient but safe and secure as well. Payment through online shopping records your transactions, is safe without any fraudulent transactions, and also earns you special discounts and rewards as well. Activation of debit and credit cards has been quite popular for various banking services. In this article, let’s specify how can we use bank cards for online shopping.

3d secure service and how it works

3d secure transaction

Likewise, other platforms support bank cards as well. In the world of digital payment, many banks in Nepal have provided 3d secure services to their customers. If you’re new to the term ‘3d secure service” then, this is a payment system designed for secure payments through debit and credit card transactions. Likewise, its name means three domains,  the merchant/acquirer domain, the issuer domain, and the interoperability domain. the process is started with the customer issuing the payment of the product, filling in the details and once the bank confirms the card, a verification code is sent to confirm the owner. Then you can easily pay after applying the code.

 Activate your debit and credit cards.

In order to activate your card for online transactions make sure you have you contact your bank for further support. Debit cards and credit cards can be activated through atm, online banking, mobile application as well as customer support provided by the bank. Once the card is activated and is ready for online transactions, you can easily make payments for your service while getting special offers too. 

How to activate your credit card for online services??

Now, there are different banks that have their own ways of activating online payment services for their customers. Once you get the card provided by the bank. The service is usually activated by the bank within a day. Now in order to activate your online payment services here are some guides on different bank options:

Nabil bank 

nabil bank 3d activation

To activate Nabil bank 3d secure services all you have to do is,

  • Step 1: Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Step 2: Enter the information of your Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card number and expiration to confirm your identity.
  • Step 3: The One Time Password (OTP) for Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards will be sent.

You can start the process through

Laxmi bank

laxmi bank 3d activation

Similarly, Laxmi bank is also an associate member of Nabil bank. So its process is also similar to Nabil banks along with charges, terms, and conditions as well. 

Visit this page for the activation process.

Megha bank

mega bank 3d activation

Megha card holders can also now enjoy the service on various e-commerce platforms as well. In order to, activate the service mega bank provides you with a form to fill which requests the activation of online transactions via card. Provide your details along with the terms and conditions. The form can be provided to the bank once completed. 

Click on this link for the form download.

Citizen bank

citizen banks 3d activation

Citizen bank provides its services for online payment as well within Nepal and India as well from both debit and credit card options. in order to, register you will need to download an online offer and submit it to the nearest branches. 

 In order to download the form click

Bank of Kathmandu

bank of Kathmandu 3d activation

Bank of Kathmandu also provides an easy shopping experience, from the bank of Kathmandu debit and credit cards with guaranteed secure transactions. They provide you form in order to request a 3d secure service for online transactions. 

To download the form check out the link

Everest bank

everest bank 3d activation

The process for registering on Everest bank is also simple, all you need is to simply fill out the e-commerce request and submit it. This request once activated works for Everest Bank Visa brand debit, credit, and dollar pre-paid card which may be used only on merchant websites that subscribe to services of “Verified By Visa” (VbV).

Click the link to request activation

Nmb bank

nmb bank 3d activatin

The bank has provided an online e-commerce form as well, all you need is to fill the form and submit it at the nearest branch to activate the service. A confirmation email regarding the registration will be sent to your provided email address. After getting a confirmation email from the bank, your card will be activated for e-commerce transactions. 

Click the form on this page link.

Nic Asia bank

nic asia bank 3d activation

Step 1. Click the link

Step 2. Tap on card services

Step 3. Click on e-commerce registration

Step 4. Fill in the required information and submit

Step 5. Enter the captcha code and submit again

Step 6. You will receive an email once the service is activated.

Ncc bank

Ncc bank 3d activation

Apply the form with the correct details and submit it to your nearest branches. To download the form click the link

Sanima bank

New Project 97

You can activate Sanima bank’s 3d service easily by registering from its official website. the steps are easy for application all you need is to register your personal information along with card information and details and submit it. next, add the opt number provided by the bank, provide PAM, security answer, and password accordingly then click next. you have successfully enrolled!

Click the website for your registration:

Kumari bank

kumari bank 3d activation

Kumari bank card holders can also easily access the credit card details. However, the registration link has not been added to the website so we will update it as soon as possible.

Daraz offers:

Dazar is currently offering up to a 15 % discount on debit as well as credit cards. Daraz has various banking partners who offer their debit as well as credit card for online shopping. daraz has collaborated with various banks on debit and credit card discounts.

These offers depend upon banks as well. For example, megabank offers soon-to-come discounts of up to 10 percent off on a minimum of Rs.1 on a debit card. While credit cards offer 15% off on a minimum of Rs.1 transactions. Similarly, other banking platforms have their offer coming out so do check them out.

Don’t forget to check out other exciting offers too!

Daraz now offers credit card applications for those who want to use their services. You can apply by clicking on the site below:

These were the ten banks of Nepal and their guides on how to activate your e-commerce services with the help of cards provided by the bank. Of course, there are numerous other banks that provide online payment services too.  Do check out your bank website or you can also take help from your bank’s customer services for further help. Enjoy your online shopping!


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