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“MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 8300: A Powerhouse 5G Chipset with Cutting-Edge Features and Performance Boosts”


MediaTek has just introduced its latest chipset, the Dimensity 8300, and it’s bringing some exciting improvements to the table. This new System-on-Chip (SoC) is built on TSMC’s second-generation 4nm process, succeeding last year’s Dimensity 8200, and it promises enhanced performance across various aspects. In this post, we shall dive into Dimensity 8300: Next-Gen MediaTek Chipset.

Dimensity 8300: Next-Gen MediaTek Chipset

CPU Boost: The Dimensity 8300 comes packed with 4 high-performance cores (Cortex-A715) clocked at up to 3.35GHz and 4 efficiency cores (Cortex-A510) with speeds of up to 2.2GHz. Based on the Armv9 CPU architecture, MediaTek claims a 20% boost in CPU performance and a 30% increase in power efficiency compared to its predecessor, the Dimensity 8200.

Advanced Technology: Manufactured on a 4nm process, the Dimensity 8300 outshines the Dimensity 8200 with notable improvements. The GPU, a Mali-G615 MC6, offers up to 60% better performance and 55% improved power efficiency at peak speeds.

Dimensity 8300: Next-Gen MediaTek Chipset

Memory and Storage: The new chip supports Quad-channel LPDDR5X RAM at speeds of up to 8,533Mbps and UFS 4.0 storage with Multi-Circular Queue (MCQ) support. These upgrades contribute to up to 17% faster app cold launch and up to 47% faster app launch from standby.

Camera and Multimedia: The Dimensity 8300 integrates an APU 780, making it the first in its class to support Generative AI with stable diffusion and LLM with up to 10 billion parameters. The Imagiq 980 ISP supports impressive camera capabilities, accommodating up to 320MP camera sensors and 4K video recording at 60fps.

Connectivity: On the connectivity front, the Dimensity 8300 doesn’t disappoint. It features an integrated 5G modem with dual-mode 5G support, offering up to 5.17Gbps downlink on sub-6GHz networks. Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.4 ensure robust wireless connectivity.

Performance Metrics: MediaTek claims up to 17% faster app cold launch and up to 47% faster app launch from standby with the Dimensity 8300. The chip is designed to deliver an improved user experience with faster and more efficient performance.

Also, check out this table as well. The table compares three MediaTek chipsets: Dimensity 8300, Dimensity 8200, and Dimensity 8100. Here’s a breakdown of their key specifications:

FeatureDimensity 8300Dimensity 8200Dimensity 8100
Node4 nm4 nm5 nm
CPU Prime1x Cortex-A715 @ 3.35 GHz1x Cortex-A78 @ 3.1 GHz
CPU Big3x Cortex-A715 @ 3.0 GHz3x Cortex-A78 @ 3.0 GHz4x Cortex-A78 @ 2.85 GHz
CPU Little4x Cortex-A510 @ 2.2 GHz4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz
RAMLPDDR5X (up to 8,533Mbps)LPDDR5 (up to 6,400 Mbps)LPDDR5 (up to 6,400 Mbps)
StorageUFS 4.0 with MCQUFS 3.1UFS 3.1
GPUMali-G615 (60% faster than 8200)Mali-G610 MC6Mali-G610 MC6
DisplayFHD+ @ 180Hz, WQHD+ @ 120HzFHD+ @ 168 Hz, WQHD+ @ 120 HzFHD+ @ 180Hz, WQHD+ @ 120Hz
Camera (stills)320 MP320 MP200 MP
Camera (video)4K @ 60 fps (HDR10+)4K @ 60 fps (HDR10+)4K @ 60 fps (HDR10+)
5G5.17 Gbps downlink4.7 Gbps downlink4.7 Gbps downlink
Wi-FiWi-Fi 6E (2×2)Wi-Fi 6E (2×2)Wi-Fi 6E (2×2)

In summary, MediaTek’s Dimensity 8300 brings a significant upgrade in terms of processing power, AI capabilities, camera support, and connectivity. As the first in its class to support Generative AI and with advancements across the board, this chipset is poised to make waves in the world of mobile technology.

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