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Customers of DishHome can now enjoy 25 Mbps internet for just Rs. 233 per month


Nepal’s internet market experienced great changes in the balance after CG Communications introduced CG Net. Likewise, DishHome is another new ISP in the country. It has announced 10 Mbps and 25 Mbps FiberNet plans at minimal cost for customers who have subscribed to their Lifestyle HD Package.

Method of subscribing:

Here, the Lifestyle HD package costs Rs. 600 per month, whereas 10 Mbps internet is offered for free. Its yearly subscription costs Rs. 7,200, and about the satellite TV package itself, you’re getting 62 HD and 138 SD channels.

Similarly, if you add Rs. 233 per month to the Lifestyle HD bundle, you can enjoy an increased bandwidth to 25 Mbps. Further, while setting up a new connection, you will need to pay a one-time charge for a refundable deposit, cable, and router.

Offers price Package
DishHome Lifestyle HD Package Rs 600 10mbps
DishHome Lifestyle HD Package Rs. 600 + 233 25 Mbps
Router Charge Rs. 1,000 (1 month), Rs. 500 (3/6/12 months)
Drop Wire Rs. 500 (1/3/6 months), Free (12 months)
Refundable Deposit Rs. 500

About DishHome:

DishHome is the DTH service provider in Nepal, operated by Dish Media Network Ltd. It was formed in 2010 after a merger between two DTH providers, namely Home TV and Dish Nepal. In the year 2011, Sandmartin International Holding became one of the key stakeholders of Dish Media Network Pvt. Ltd. and provides expertise in developing new technologies and digital innovations in satellite broadcasting.


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