How to download region-restricted apps with VPN ?

Android devices have become a very useful device for everyone. There is no doubt regarding the use of android apps as well. Android devices without cool and useful apps won’t be a competent choice for anyone. This is the reason why many Android App developers unfold many useful apps for their users. However, some apps may not be available to download for you due to restrictions by the developers. Android developers may restrict apps on your country due to various security and permission issues. Despite app developers restricting apps for your country, there is several ways to download and install them on your smartphone and tablets.

Install the App’s APK File

An easy way to do so would be to directly install the APK file of the restricted app on your device from the web instead of relying on Google Play and Galaxy Apps (for Samsung). You can search for apps. APK file from several websites and download and install them on your device. You should note that downloading. APK files from the web may give security risk to your device. While this trick may work most of the time, we wouldn’t recommend you use this due to various security issues and incompatibility of App with your device.

Download .APK files
Download.APK files

Use VPN to install apps not available for your country

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect your device to a secure connection over the internet and thus letting you access Region- Restricted data and websites. VPN also make your data secured and hides you from the internet. To put this to simple words, VPN allows your device to connect to another country and thus letting you download apps from Play Store by tricking Google.

Using VPN is fairly easy and safe so this is the ultimate way we would recommend anyone to use. You can fool Google to make it believe that your device is somewhere else and download the apps. This process works almost all the time unless Google is retrieving your location from cellular connectivity. For this method to work you will have to use a VPN app to change your device location. You can choose from various VPN apps available on the Play Store.

Some free VPN android apps are

  • FlashVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Cloud VPN
  • VPN Master
  • TunnelBear VPN

How to use a VPN on android?

Install VPN App

Firstly, you will need to have a VPN app installed on your device. To do this you can simply search for the above-mentioned apps in Google Play Store and install them. Another choice would be to download or transfer. APK file on your device and installing them but we hardly recommend this method. Choosing the right VPN won’t be a tough job as there are many VPNs available for your device. Here at Gadgets In Nepal, we’ve been using Cloud VPN — it’s free and unlimited, doesn’t require logins and no bandwidth limitation and safe.

 Connect to a server

After you have the apps installed on your smartphone or tablets, you should open the app and connect to servers. The process to connect to servers all around the world is the same on any app so it won’t be any trouble if you are using any different app than us. You should see the Connect option once you are inside the app. While some VPN apps make all the locations free for their users some developers only make specific locations available. Any of the choices will do good to you as long as the app you are trying to download available in that location.

Cloud VPN

Fooling your location to Google

Once you have connected to the server you are just about done. Go to the settings menu of your device and search for the Application manager. Then open the application manager option and scroll down to find Google Play Store. Open it and click on clear data. This is it, now open Google Play and it should take less than a minute to set up your account. You should be able to see that your Play Store layout has changed too much better. Now you can search for the respective apps you were looking for and download.




After you are done you can simply disconnect from the VPN app. Note that you won’t again have to repeat the process unless you restart your device. Now you can easily download Region-Restricted apps from Play Store. There are also a couple of other ways but some of them require rooting your device and are a tedious process that you have to repeat every time.