DRS Gaming secures the 8th position in PMWI East winning about Rs.65 Lakh


DRS Gaming makes a historic achievement in the field of Nepali e-sports by securing 8th position in the Pubg Mobile World Invitations (PMWI), held from 2021 July 22 to July 25. In this world championship, a total of 32 invited teams from all around the world. 

The competition was divided into ‘PMWI East’ and ‘PMWI West’- each comprising 16 teams. In the competition, Valdus Esports from Thailand won the PMWI East whereas Alpha Seven Sports from Brazil won the PMWI West. 

In the 4 days long championship, the 16 teams in PMWI East had to complete a total of 20 matches. They had to compete in 5 matches each day. 

drs gaming PMWI east

In the competition, DRS Gaming, the Nepali e-sport team that had recently come to fame, secured the 8th position with 144 points. The win of DRS has made a historic success for Nepal.

Each team in the competition received USD 5,000 including DRS Gaming. Alongside, the team won USD 54,500 as the charity prize. DRS Gaming has decided to pass on the charity prize to UNICEF.

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