How to enable google now in Nepal
How to enable google now in Nepal

How To Enable Google Now In Nepal

Today we are going to learn how to enable Google Now in Nepal on your Android Devices running on Jellybean (4.1+) or higher version of Android OS. If you don’t have any idea about Google Now than read our previous article about Google Now here. As well all know Google Now Cards are now set off by default in all android devices for Nepal. To check where Google Now is on or Off in your device go to: Settings>Accounts (Google)> Privacy (Search). There you will see an option to turn Google Now ON or OFF. If Google Now is OFF in your device then you won’t able to turn it ON because Google Now requires location services which are not available for our country Nepal.

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Now here is a very simple trick which should work on all devices running on Jellybean or latest version of Android OS to enable Google Now. But before going any further make sure your device is connected with Wi-Fi or Mobile Data is Enable.

Note: Do it on your own risk. Some people are having problem to use Google playstore. But i have enable the Google Now on my Nexus 7 2013 (v4.4.4) and Galaxy Nexus (v4.3) without any problem using following steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Accounts>Google>Google Accounts>Remove Account

 Step 2: Go to Settings> Apps> Google Play Services> Disable

Step 3: Go to Settings> Apps> Disable>Google Play Services> Enable (Note: Don’t update Google Play Services)

Step 4:  Go to Settings>Add Account>Google>Existing>Put your Google email address and password>Sign in

Step 5: Go to Settings> Accounts> Google> Search>Turn On Google Now

Step 6: Update Google Play Services

Bingo!!! Now you have enabled Google Now on your device. Congrats!!!!!
In simple: 1)Remove your gmail account, 2)Disable Goole play services, 3)Enable Google play services, 4) Add your gmail account back, 5)Enable Google Now and 6)Update Google play services.
If you have any questions please let us know in the comment section below.