Every Phone To Include Pressure Sensitive Feature

Till now I have only known iPhone 6s and Meizu pro 6 to include the pressure sensitive screen, also called as 3D touch or 3D press through which users can apply pressure to the screen for multi purpose like the peek and pop, the text selection and more. The feature is available to those expensive smartphones and most probably being brought to high end phones which could be changed through a new development.
Engineers from University of Michigan have developed a new software with which every phone will have pressure sensitivity functionality. The software is called Forcephone which uses sound technology to sense the pressure on the screen or on the body of the phone. The software need not require additional hardware other than the phone’s speaker and the mic which is already available in any phones. Forcephone enables the speaker to emit sounds of frequency from 18 to 24 KHz which is inaudible to human ear but the phone’s mic picks up the change in the sound according to the pressure and change it to commands. The software even enables you to control the phone by squeezing it once or in a combination: a major breakthrough in the mobile phone technology.

After this development, the 3D touch feature will not be limited to expensive phones but all the cheaper phones can include it too.
It is not yet known when the forcephone software will be available in our phones but it is true that they will be demonstrating it at MobiSys 2016 in Singapore at the end of the month June.