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Audient EVO 8: Make great recordings effortless


Audient EVO is the budget-inclined series from Audient providing great value for money products. Here, we are going to talk about the new product of EVO, EVO 8. It comes with lots of features that are quite similar to EVO 4. Let’s head into the article to discuss the specs, features of EVO 8 with its Price in Nepal.

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evo 8 price in nepal

EVO 8 overview:

Audient EVO 8 is featured with all the necessary professional components needed. It has all of the innovative new features found on EVO 4 but provides additional inputs and outputs alongside unrivaled performance and functionality. The product comes with four EVO Mic Pres giving a clean sound that is detailed and accurate. The four preamps offer a 58dB of gain range, 113dB dynamic range, and 127dB Mic Pre EIN.

 Likewise, the Evo 8 comes with JFET Instrument Input to plug in your guitar and start recording right away. Moving on, the EVO 8 features Smartgain mode helping you to record on a perfect gain setting without all the hassle of manually setting the input levels.EVO 8 really is easy and feels effortless with smart touchpoints, monitor mix, and software controls. The EVO 8 is great for artists, musicians, and podcasters as it provides all the features needed.

The Audio loop-back feature enables them to record the computer audio and the microphone simultaneously. You can record the computer audio, skype/video calls, and gaming audio with the EVO 8. The EVO 8 allows you to record your latest track, producing a beat, or creating a podcast EVO 8’s advanced and versatile feature set lets you take control of any recording session. It features a 48v phantom power. Individually switch on/off for each channel and gives your microphones the power they need. EVO 8 features SmartMuting, which mutes the corresponding speaker outputs while a set of headphones are connected.

evo 8 price in nepal

EVO 8 Price in Nepal:

Audient EVO 8 is available in Nepal as you can buy these products from DeepMusic Pvt Ltd, and other authorized distributors of Audient. With minimalistic design and modern aesthetics, the EVO 8 also looks premium. The price of EVO 8 price in Nepal is about Rs 25,500

Model Price in Nepal
EVO 8 Rs 25,500



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