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“Ultimate Exchange mela with Ultima”


Ultima, the popular earbuds brand has come up with an exciting exchange offer. Ultima Lifestyle launches a revolutionary earbud exchange offer for the first time in Nepal. Users can bring in their old earphones or earbuds and take home a new Ultima Atom 820 model. Lets, ‘s find out more about the Exchange offer on new Ultima Atom 820.

Exchange offer on new Ultima Atom 820

Exchange offer on new Ultima Atom 820

Ultima has just announced an Ultimate exchange offer. Customers can bring any kind of wired earphones or earbuds of any condition and exchange it with a brand new Ultima Atom 820 model for an incredible price of just Rs. 1,199. Ultima has brought this offer especially to facilitate their customers so that their customers can experience cutting-edge audio without breaking the bank. This two-day event will be held in Civil Mall, Sundhara & Hukut Store, Newroad, Kathmandu, on Shrawan 26 & 27 (August 11 & 12). (Terms and conditions applied)

Ultima Atom 820 Overview:

Introducing the Ultima Atom 820 Model, a groundbreaking innovation poised to revolutionize the auditory landscape, fundamentally reshaping the way individuals engage with their cherished music. Within its sleek design lies Bluetooth V5.3, guaranteeing a seamless and uninterrupted connection, ultimately delivering an immersive musical experience. Anchoring this technological marvel is a 13MM Dynamic Driver, renowned for its impeccable sound precision and amplified bass delivery.

Exchange offer on new Ultima Atom 820

Moreover, the inclusion of a low latency attribute ensures impeccable synchronization between audio and visuals. Thus, making it a perfect companion for both gaming enthusiats and people who love to consume content. Moreover, the incorporation of Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) promises an undistracted auditory indulgence, enabling users to bask in their preferred melodies free from external disruptions.

Exchange offer on new Ultima Atom 820

The practicality of the Ultima Atom 820 Model extends further with an impressive 25-hour playback duration achievable on a solitary charge. The rapid charging capability ensures a seamless continuation of musical pleasure without pause. As the world ushers in the ultimate music revolution, the Ultima Atom 820 Model stands as a testament to the era-defining advancements in sound technology, inviting all to elevate their auditory experience.

Exchange offer on new Ultima Atom 820


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