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Facebook Introduces Messenger Lite To Nepal And Other 132 Countries

After a popular trend of users switching towards the Facebook Lite app, Facebook has now introduced Messenger Lite app in Nepal too. The app was previously launched back in October in five countries. Messenger Lite, which as the name suggests is an light weight app version of the Facebook Messenger with compact storage and also able to operate on weaker coverage. The Facebook Lite was a popular choice when it started due to its low storage requirements, data savings and more.

Facebook Messenger Lite has been now enabled to more than 132 countries. The additional countries now includes Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Morocco, Japan, Nepal and many more. The trend from many social media apps nowadays is to have their own dedicated browser built in. Messenger has also adopted this trend recently to make surfing links easier. While this does make the user experience great, it adds to the size of the app in memory. However, Messenger Lite is trying to do the exact opposite by introducing an app to the users only meant for messaging purpose.

Messenger Lite has multiple advantage over its counterpart. The app is meant for those devices with low storage capacity and are too old to run the latest version of Messenger. It also works on older version of Android including Gingerbread. This seems like a good opportunity for older devices to have Messenger installed in their phones. Also for people who don’t like the new “Snapchat” version of the recent Messenger they can download Messenger Lite.


Like the Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite is also efficient when it comes to saving your mobile data. The app being a compact version uses very less data compared to the Messenger. It’s also designed for 2G networks and areas with weak coverage and unstable networks. However, Messenger Lite doesn’t yet has the Voice Call and Video Call feature. We are not sure if Facebook plans to add it on the near future.

Personally, I think this great step taken by Facebook for people like me who use Messenger only for messaging rather than the all new fancy feature of the app. This will free some spaces for the user who have hard time managing their memory space.

What do you think about the new Messenger Lite app? Would you choose this over the Messenger App? Tell us your views in the comment section.

CLICK HERE to download the MessengerLite App.



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