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Why Nepali Streamers are leaving Youtube Live and moving to Facebook Gaming


Facebook has been providing offers to the youtube live streamers to move to the Facebook Gaming. The offers have been convincing the gamers to start streaming through Facebook.

Gamers like 4KGaming, NeroGaming, and 2BGamer have already moved on to Facebook Gaming leaving Youtube live stream behind. Facebook Gaming is probably advantageous to the live streamers as it pays more and has more engagement during a live stream.

Benefits of Facebook Gaming

Facebook gives lots of chances for the streamers there as monetizing is not done through views and likes. Unlike Youtube, Facebook provides a fixed amount of money, just like salary for the streamers. Youtube streamers saw this platform as a chance to do more than on youtube. 

The contract between streamers and Facebook says that the streamers are only allowed to go live on Facebook. You can earn through Facebook in other ways also. While streaming, the viewers can support you by giving stars. Stars basically are points given by the viewers through the comment section. One star equals one cent. So, 100 stars are equal to 1 dollar.

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Likewise, Facebook pays regularly, i.e., the payment is monthly related. The Nepali Youtubers who switched into Facebook live streaming also said some positive words regarding Facebook live. Recently, famous PUBG Youtuber 4kGaming switched to Facebook live. Facebook offered him and his team to join the Facebook stream partnership, and he did so. Facebook is more reliable than youtube in terms of earnings. 

In addition, Facebook doesn’t take taxes from the super chats given by the views whereas, youtube does. Overall, Facebook gives a wider platform for the streamers as it is also guaranteed to increase the payment every two months as the views and shares increase.


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