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Files Go by Google | Google To Help You Free Up Space On Your Phone

Files Go by Google, recently launched Google’s storage manager app that will help you clean up your space easily. Now, these days smartphone manufactures provides you various storage option (16GB /32GB /64GB) so that you won’t have to face that annoying “This Device doesn’t have enough space “message. But the more space you have the more you need. Eventually, it will get filled up and most of it will be junks you don’t need.

What this app really does is categorize your files in a simple way and help you remove heavy storage files or junks from your social media. Delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache and more.

Files Go by Google

Files go also helps to see how much free space is left on your phone and SD card. Easily transfer files to an SD card to free up your phone’s storage, right from the app. If it is App, Pictures, Videos, Audios or documents. Its smart arrangement/Filter lets you browse or find your desired file quickly.

Files Go by Google

The app also provides Smart Recommendation for you to easily find things you don’t need. The app learns your preference based the files you remove so that it can provide you the correct recommendation. Simply the more you use the app the smarter it becomes.

Files Go by Google

The Files go supports offline file sharing as well. Pictures, videos, documents, or apps can be shared with others nearby but they also need to have the app. As per Google, it transfers files with up to 125 Mbps speed. Google also mentioned Encrypted offline share which is secured with WPA2 encryption, providing secure file transfer. The app also provides the option to upload the file directly to Google Drive so that you can easily transfer your most needed files for backup. You can also toggle different options from the setting menu as per your preference


Files Go by Google

APP Feature:


PROs and CONs

This app is mostly a junk cleaner. It does what it says it does and It’s good at what it does, REALLY!! good. It is very helpful in clearing unwanted and duplicate files, images, videos and audios from the phone. It is very stable, it’s lightweight only 6mb and really helps. And it’s free and has completely no ads.

The file management is good but is missing features, such as a built-in text editor and file exploring. I really wish it to let me access any file I want but it doesn’t So, it won’t replace a file manager like Es Explorer, Solid Explorer and many more, even file sharing apps like Xender provide similar features like this.

Final thoughts

But what makes this app stand out is its lightweight, simple UI and smartness. Some other cleaner themselves create a lot of junks and are big in size but Files Go isn’t. To finalize it is a great app and I love it so will suggest you to try it as. As for improvement, this app is from Google so I assume this app will improve in future and gain popularity fast. We may also see this as a default app for Android in the new smartphones in 2018 since it was made by Google after all or maybe not.

Download The App HERE
Download The App HERE


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