Find The Local Bus Routes With KTM Public Route App

Imagine that you had to reach somewhere using a public bus but you just didn’t know which bus route to take. This can be quite frustrating because I have been in a similar situation. If there was a way to easily figure out the available public bus routes to reach somewhere new inside the Valley, it would help in quite a way. Well, there is actually an app – KTM Public Route developed by Nepali Developer which helps you to search the bus routes to reach your next destination.

KTM Public Route has a simple interface for anyone to use. On starting the app, there is a search tab with From and To locations selecting option. The search tab works pretty well to location suggestions. There is another tab with a list of available routes which can be helpful if you don’t want to go through the pain of typing. The app covers a wide range of routes on different public vehicles. If your destination is not available on the list then the search tab can be pretty useful because it gets you job done really quick.


KTM Public Route
App Interface

The app gives priority to the shortest route which comes as a useful feature. In Addition, the app also give you the information about Travel cost and Total distance. While searching for the route, you can click on the View Detail Options to get more information about which buses to take. There is also a Map Section which shows the routes that you will be covering. It also has markers to mark the transit point of your route.


KTM Public Route
KTM Public Route

KTM Public Route works totally offline so it will help you in terrible situations. For some destinations, you can chose between multiple routes that you can take. The app shows you shortest route and direct route which you can choose from. Additional features of the app includes choosing between English and Nepali language. If you are not much familiar with the app interface there is also a User Guide which takes you through a guide of using the app and various information covered by it.

All in all, KTM Public Route is a simple and user friendly app for anyone. If you are not familiar with the local bus routes inside Kathmandu then this app can be a life saver. Also, from a tourist point of view, this app serves quite well. However, the app works only for the routes of Kathmandu. The app developers can add new routes and locations which will make this app much more useful.

What do you think of this app? Tell us what you think of this app on the comments below. This app is really a good initiative and we hope the developers a good success.

CLICK HERE to download KTM Public Route.