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Where to find the right online games?

Every once in a while you may want to take a break from your regular games that you play on your PC or Mobile and try something new. Trying something new is always fun and when it comes to online gaming it is much more fun than you can possibly imagine. You already spend hours on the Internet entertaining yourself. In this article, we will talk about some sites and places where you can play Games Online With People over the world or even with your friends. There are some healthy benefit of choosing Online Games if you are wondering.

Why Online Gaming ?

Strange as it may sound but there are a number of benefits of Online Gaming. Online Gaming improves the social interaction of a Gamer which improves their relationship with Friends and Family. It also develops a healthy level of competitive feeling and the ability to think quickly and analyze situations. Strategic Online Games even improves the critical thinking skills of the gamer. However, it is important that a Gamer realize that excessive addiction of online games may lead to obesity and increase aggressiveness.


Shockwave is a good site if you are just into playing games online. It has over 1000 free games and increasing daily. Shockwave features numerous categories of games which includes but not limited to Shooting Games, Adventure Games, Car Racing Games, Action Games, Strategy Games, Word Games and Sports Games. If you are not sure what to play then you can open the full list of games on Shockwave and play according to ratings and even filter the results based on categories and release date. You can also download games from Shockwave from the Download Games list and get a free trial or buy if it’s your kind.




Many of you may have already heard of this name before you even came here. Miniclip is a top site for games of every categories and for every age. It has over  hundreds of free online games of different categories such as Action, Racing, Puzzle, Stunt, 3D, Multiplayer and many more. Miniclip also has a Top 10 Web Games list which consists of the Most Played and Popular games of the sites. This site might be a good start if you don’t know what should you play. You can also download the games from the websites and play on your PC. You can create an account in Miniclip to keep track of your high scores and compare your rankings.



Kongragate has a massive range of games — almost 75,000+ games in different genres. You can also choose to play the game Online with other players. All of the Kongregate games are free to play. If you would like to save your progress and achievements then Sign In is recommended which is free. The categories available on Kongregate includes shooters, role-playing, puzzle, action, tower defense, Zombie and many more. The Website is user friendly and easy to use. It is one of the best Gaming Websites available on the internet. If you are a game developer, then you can also upload your games to the Kongregate sites and let others try it out.




Pogo has different games categories such as puzzle, card, word, casino, arcade games and others. It has around 100 of unique and fun games which are playable directly from their website. The Pogo website is very easy to use as it has categorically organized games as your scroll down. You can play all of Pogo games for free without registering but if you register you can get get 10,000 tokens, other prizes, tokens and also store your game progress. You can even chat with your friends while you play if you connect with Facebook. Some of the popular choices on Pogo are Plants vs. Zombies, SCRABBLE, Monopoly World and many more.



PCH games or Publishers Clearing House is one of the few sites that lets you win you tons of prizes by playing their Online Games. There are categories such as strategy, arcade, card, word and other free online games at PCH Games. It has occasional tournament where Gamers can get a chance to win. Some popular games of PCH owned games are 5 Roll, Spellbound, Jigsaw Puzzle, Crossword and Mahjongg Toy Chest. You need to Login in  order to grab your opportunity to win.



If you are bored or tired of playing the same games overnight then we suggest you to take a look at the sites we have provided. These sites can make another list on your daily fun. We hope that you enjoy playing the online games with people over the web and also with your friends.


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