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Sharda Group Is Officially Launching Fitbit Products In Nepal Very Soon


During this time, people are more concerned about their fitness than ever before, due to this the products like fitness bands and fitness trackers are getting popular too. One of the most popular and well-known brands in the field of wearables and health trackers is Fitbit inc. Fitbit is an America based consumer electronics brand with its headquarter in San Francisco, California. Even in Nepal, Fitbit products are quite popular among consumers but till now they were not officially available in Nepal, not from now.

According to our reliable sources, Sharda Group has been appointed as the official National distributor of Fitbit products in Nepal. This means, now you as a consumer will be getting the latest Fitbit products with a reasonable price & warranty.

Fitbit smartwatch price in nepal

Besides Fitness tracking bands, Fitbit also has its smartwatches which are well known for their accuracy and ease of use. Talking more about the company, Fitbit is a branch of ALPHABET inc. which is also the parent company of Google. Fitbit has more than 3% of the total market share in the wearables market. After its establishment in 2007, it has launched a list of products in its 13 years lifespan. Only in the year 2019, Fitbit has a total of 1.42 Billion in revenue.

It will be interesting to see, how Sharda Group will be providing the Fitbit products to Nepali consumers and how well will they be priced. So, the Fitbit products will be launched soon in Nepal and we will be among the first to inform you as soon as that happens. Don’t forget to follow us across all our social media handles.

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