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G-Download Manager – Makes Downloading Easy

When it comes to downloading useful contents such as videos and files off the internet on your handheld devices, it might be pretty stressing if you cannot find the right download manager. Of course, those inbuilt download managers on your smartphones and tablets allow you to download things off the internet but not all the time. Some people don’t just prefer downloading through inbuilt app as they don’t organize your download quite fairly.  This is where a download manager comes to the rescue, also accelerating your download all the way.

Why chose an external download manager?


External download manager helps you to organize your downloads automatically according to their type (videos, music, documents) in different folders and also define extensions to be included in the type. Choosing the right download manager is a must if you plan on making the external download manager your default download manager. The file you download will be kept separately, and lets you keep track of your downloads and makes file easily available when needed.

Download Acceleration:

A single file is split into multiple sections/segments and then using several simultaneous connections to download each segment from a single server which makes your download faster and reliable. External download manager downloads your file in way more speed than usual. That is why a good download manager will give you a decent download speed and make your files available faster.



You can start the download instantly or save it for later, setting up the download in a queue, and define the maximum number of concurrent downloads. Certain download manager allows you to define multiple queues. Queuing helps to manage your downloads by category or priority. Queuing is also beneficial when you have to schedule your downloads.

G-Download Manager

The G-Download Manager is the app that you are looking for if you want to organize and easily download stuff from the internet. This app has useful and exciting featured that we will talk about on this article. The UI of this app is loved by all the users as it looks simple but offers great features.

Features of G-Download Manager

Automatic Link grabbing:

With G-Download Manager, you don’t have to bother with the effort of copying and pasting the link. Long pressing on the video automatically copies the link and asks whether to download the content. Copying and pasting links can be frustrating when downloading each files, but while using this app you won’t have to bother with copying the links to your clipboards. Many download managers don’t have this feature. This is one of the reason why G-Download Manager is the best app out there.

Sharing files:

Sharing files is fairly easy as this app comes with inbuilt transfer features. You can use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer files to other devices. It also allows a QR scan that allows other G-Download Manager users to easily access your download files. Again, not all download managers provide this feature to its user. The transfer feature of this app runs at a good speed and is really helpful when you use a multiple devices and want your files to be accessible to all your devices.

User interface:

It has a simple user interface that is easy for anyone to use. While this design allows any user to access its function easily, it also ensures smooth running of the app. The UI of the app is worth noticing for its good design. On many apps people need to get used to the app to use properly, but this app provides a very short tutorial for its users. People can start surfing and downloading within minutes of their first look at the app.

G-DM User Interface


Multiple Download:

This app allows downloading multiple files at the same time. It allows up to three files to download at the same time and others will be added to the queue. This feature is a very useful feature as this allows numerous downloads to take place. The user doesn’t have to constantly check for their download status, as the download is being put in a queue.

Some other features of this app include:

  • Stream videos and music to anyone near you with the app
  • Pause and resume feature
  • Accessing your file through computer
  • Inbuilt browser to surf the web with multiple tab feature

However, using G-Download Manager to download videos off YouTube is not possible due to YouTube policy, but still this app is a good choice for websites like Dailymotion, Facebook and other for downloading files, video and music. We recommend you this app if you are looking for decent download manager apps for your Android device.

get it on google play
Get it on google play




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