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Breaking news!! Samsung’s biggest flagship gets hacked within less than a minute 


In the recent Pwn2Own competition, contestants have hacked the galaxy S22 series for the fourth time in a row, and this time within 55 seconds. They won the price of $25,000, 50% of the total cash award, during the Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 contest.

The PPwn2Own competition is held annually, in which security researchers get invites from the globe around to participate for cash prizes. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been hacked fourth time since the start of the competition until the third and last day. 

Security researchers representing penetration test provider Pentest Limited used an Improper Input Validation attack to execute a complete hack in just 55 seconds. Tri Dang and Toan Pham of Qrious Secure also tried bypassing the smartphone’s security protection but during that time.

In all four cases, the smartphones were running the latest Android OS version with all available updates installed. 

Throughout the day, contestants also demoed exploits targeting zero-day flaws in other devices. This includes routers, smart speakers, printers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices from Cisco, NETGEAR, Canon, Ubiquiti, and others.

The brand’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22, was also used by many hackers, who quickly discovered flaws in the device. Two critical flaws in the Galaxy S22 were revealed by the STAR Labs team and the Chim team. 

In these ongoing days, the device has been substantially affected. A Galaxy S22 zero-day vulnerability may be used in under a minute. Security experts at Pentest Limited claim that they gained access using an attack on “improper input validation.”

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