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Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra design leaks: Similar to the S22 ultra 


In our recent article, we revealed the S23 series design leaks including the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones. Once again there have been rendered leaks on the last member of the S23 series, the S23 ultra.  The Samsung Galaxy S23 series soon to hit the market has been continuing to receive lots of attention. With leaks and rumors, general viewers are getting lots of information regarding the S23 smartphones. Now let’s get into the Samsung galaxy S23 ultra design leaks:

S23 ultra to be similar to the S22 ultra

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The brand new S23 ultra seems to have no changes next year. One of the most anticipated non-foldable smartphones seems to be similar to its predecessor. With similar to almost no change viewers might seem to be confused between the two devices. However, viewers are alert! These smartphones are different and not so similar.

Looking at the close details, the Galaxy S23 smartphone has been slightly boxier, and the radius of the curves has been further tightened. The main three camera circle ‘islands’ seem to protrude ever so slightly more in the S23 Ultra, while the other two protrude visibly less. This has made the front look flatter. Besides, there haven’t been any changes. 

The galaxy S23 family seems to have adopted similar designs. The S23 and S23+ will also have the split camera islands look,  with the S23 having a bigger display than the previous release. The S23+ is also said to be a fraction of a millimeter taller and broader. 

These were the key changes to the design of the S23 ultra. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the Galaxy S23 series. Now we wait for further announcements and reveals regarding the smartphone series. 

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