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Xiaomi Is Rising Up In The Global Smartphone Market Share Of Q1 2020

The current unfortunate situation of the global epidemic has caused great chaos all over the world. It has hampered the economy and market value of some top-notch smartphone companies such as Samsung and Huawei as well. According to the Counterpoint analysis, the percentage of shipments fell 13% on a yearly basis, with the total number rounding under 300 million.

Global Smartphone Market Share of Q1 2020
Global Smartphone Market Share of Q1 2020 | PC: Counterpoint

Now, not so surprisingly these two companies did not yield a yearly deterioration in shipments – Xiaomi and Realme. Where all the others observed a decrease,  the overall picture remained the same for Samsung and Huawei. Since they are the top five companies.

Also, Apple is comfortably third, and then plenty of China-based companies are in a battle for the last two spots on the Top 5 roster.  Which, is obtained by Xiaomi and Oppo. But, what is interesting is that the Xiaomi and Realme, unlike other companies, are actually recovering the loss already.


So, today we will be taking a look at how Xiaomi has the highest number on a year over year growth. Also, how the renowned companies like Samsung and Huawei are losing their market shares.

How is Xiaomi dong it?

Xiaomi, which is one of the top-notch smartphone companies in the world, has been dominating the charts for a while now. If Xiaomi continues to go at this pace then the day when it rules the global number 1 spot is not that far.

Xiaomi has been providing the best quality assured smartphone with an honest price for a very long time now.  More to that, Xiaomi also keeps the price of its smartphone at the minimum level, making it the king of the budget segment. In addition to that, Xiaomi has been expanding its global market in various destinations. The global market expansion is helping Xiaomi to gain more market shares in general now than ever.

Moreover, since all influential markets of the Korean company are under lockdown the sales for them are probably going down. Due to the epidemic, people with lower income and a tendency to purchase devices offline won’t be able to match consumer behavior like before.  So, it is likely that the entry-level segment will be operated the most in surfacing economies. This is also one of the reasons that Xiaomi is actually doing well at the current time.

Besides, Xiaomi has been cherishing its Mi fans in numerous ways. It has been introducing Flagship and hotshot level smartphones at an unbelievably affordable mid-range price. Xiaomi’s smartphone experience not only promises but delivers fans the best camera and gaming experience.

Global launches, the best experience and more

Now, about its most recent launch, Xiaomi gave us the very best Redmi Note 8 series. This series hiked its market range along with gaining immense followers.  Also, recently Xiaomi had a global launch of the Redmi Note series which comprised Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9, and Redmi Note 9S.  Note 9  series has been considered the best smartphone in the mid-range level you can ever get to date.

That’s not it though, Xiaomi also launched Mi Note 10 Lite and the sophisticated version of Mi Note 10 that comprises of an MIUI 11 based Android 10 OS, which is a killer in all level.

So, with all the expansion and global launch, it is of no surprise that Xioami is ruling the chart. Along with that, it is gaining its best composure in the global market. Now, the key point about Xioami gaining the crown is because it always focuses on the mid-range segment and has been surprising the fans with more than expected outcomes.

How are Samsung and Huawei losing its market place?

Compared to Xiaomi, it is not the case for Samsung and Huawei.  Samsung and Huawei have been focusing more on their flagship device then the mid-range segment.  Also, the increasing price range of Samsung flagship devices has affected their heightened market shares in countries like the USA and China.

Samsung even though it’s best efforts has not been able to compete with iPhones.  Whereas on the budget segment, which comprises of more percentage of people, Xiaomi is giving tough competition to Samsung and Huawei in every possible way. Xiaomi has set a very upfront and high bars for any other companies to compete with it.  Well honestly, we can’t even question it. When you can get the best quality and assurance at the most affordable price, why not?

Now, in terms of Huawei, it has been the same in terms of market value. Like Samsung, Huawei has also been playing its best shot with mostly flagships level devices. Also, even though they have Google alternative apps and search engines, it seems the US trade ban has indeed affected the market value for Huawei.

Also, due to the pandemic, the midrange segment will hit the high, while the premium segment is least likely to be directly stirred. So, as soon as everything gets back to normal, the situation is likely to be normal soon. But, what will be interesting to comprehend is how these companies gain back its posture in mid-range after the pandemic. 

Xiaomi has been achieving great heights and doing wonders in every sector. The best include launches, expansion, and quality assured deliverance, and much more. Due to such various reasons, Xiaomi might as well soon rule that Global no 1 spot.

Now, let us know what are your thoughts on this topic. And for more freshly brewed content keep visiting our website more often.



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