Google Camera Mod APK for Android smartphones

Google Camera Mod – Step up your mobile photography

Pixels are the phones made by Google. They are the benchmark when it comes to smartphone photography. They have set this benchmark in the industry and every time a new flagship comes into the Market it’s Camera is compared to the latest Pixel smartphone. How does Google manage to do so? What are the reason and how you can also get all those features and make the full use of all those millions of pixels on your smartphone camera, let’s see in this article?

What does Google Have under their Sleeves?

  1. Computational Photography 📷 : It is the digital image capture and processing technique. Modern smartphones store a lot of processing power under their SoC’s that can even be used in photography too. Ai capabilities of a Soc can be used for scene detection and various other ways. Image Signal Processing (ISP) also plays a major role in any digital image capturing system.
    Google with all its R&D and Machine learning has nailed in the field of Computational Photography. Features in Pixel devices such as HDR+ image capturing, Ultra Clear Night mode, or even the Astrophotography is the boon of computational photography. HDR+ takes more than one photo at the same time but in different settings and merge them into one great photo. In Pixel devices, it is done asap using the Pixel Visual Core. And our next point is Pixel Visual core.
  2. Pixel Visual core: Pixel visual core is yet another piece of ARM-based silicon underhood your device. It is an octa-core chip. It was introduced with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL  On October of 2017. ISP on the SoC’s are quite powerful but Pixel phones pack features like HDR+ and Astrophotography and other high demanding tasks that are performed using these image processors and can make a great hit on battery life too.
    Google Camera Mod APK for Android smartphones
    Pixel Visual Core

    So Google went out on their own and developed the Pixel Visual Core which is reserved for their Pixel line of devices. Google claims that this chip can take HDR+ shots 5x faster than the CPU and is 10x efficient. Since 2017 every Pixel device comes with the Pixel Visual Core, excluding there budget offering the Pixel 3a. Google has also released the API for third-party developers so apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp could get benefits from this chip.

    3. Pixel Camera app is a breeze to use: User interface (UI) is yet another place where the Pixel excels. Just look at the UI, though the Pixel Camera app doesn’t provide the Pro mode or other fancy named features but, it is best at what it does.

    Google Camera Mod APK for Android smartphones
    Google Camera UI

    Even if you give this to a toddler he will Figure this out easily. Just slide, select, and click …Boom there’s a great shot. You rarely miss the shot with a Pixel.

Enough talk about the Pixels. Let’s talk about how to get the Pixel Camera in your non-pixel device.


Though the Pixel visual core is only For the Pixel devices. Developers have found a way to port the Camera app from the Pixel to other android devices.

As the app has lots of great features for even a non-pixel device here are the few things you should keep in mind.

  • Camera2api Should be enabled (must)

  • Your device should support the apk port

  • Your device processor 

  • Most of the Snapdragon chip above Snapdragon 625 supported.

  • Among Exynos latest, mid-range chips and flagship are supported 

  • Few MediaTek chips are supported 

Camera2api is supported in all flagship running above Android 5. Even new mid-range devices have the camera2api enabled out of the box. If not you can enable it by rooting your android device and install a magsik mod.

To check if Camera2api is enabled or not Install the Manual camera Compatibility app from the play store and look for all green ticks. If you have all green ticks then you are good to go.

Google Camera Mod APK for Android smartphones
Manual Camera Compatibility

Search for the perfect apk

Gcam or the Google Camera has great developer support with the regular updates and bug fixes. Search for your device on the XDA threads or the website below you will easily find the apk which suits perfectly for your device.

Click Here

Have Patients

Keep in mind that the modded Gcam apps may have some Bugs and not every apk is supported by your device. Sometimes you have to make 2-3 more Google searches before you get the apk which suits best for your device.

After all, this is done you get to enjoy almost the same experience and feature in your non-pixel device.

Must try Features in Gcam Mod

  • HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced

  • Night mode

  • Astrophotography

  • Photosphere

  • Raw Photography

Inside the Gcam app, you can tweak almost each and everything. So try every setting and see what fits perfectly according to your need.

Google Camera Mod APK for Android smartphones
Night Mode on Google Camera app
Google Camera Mod APK for Android smartphones
Google Camera Astrophotography

After you took all those photos from the Gcam and want to edit those shots do check out our previous article on Snapseed. A photo editing apps that too from Google.