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Google Drive Tips: Complete Beginner Guide


Google Drive, an app powered by Google is popular for its online file storage and sharing platform among other devices. This app is a part of google workplace, along with docs, spreadsheets, and slides. The main feature of this tool is file storage and synchronization. It also features file viewing in different formats, private or public sharing of files, adding third-party apps along with features of editing, commenting, and managing different kinds of images, videos,  projects, and documents.

It comes with 15 GB of free storage and is a team collaborating online space where you can easily collaborate was an online office suite. But you can also upgrade your drive by subscribing to Google One, which upgrades your cloud storage to 100GB for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, along with extra features. 

Along with the basic description of this app, here are a few tips and guides for google Drive users:

1. Desktop Installment

Google Drive

Install Drive for Desktop on your laptop or PC to automatically back up files from your computer. Now you can upload from a desktop easily on google drive. It also works with any kind of document, not just native Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Once starting any kind of project, you can still have access to it on your mobile phone, tablet, and other devices.

2. Shortcut to drive

At times when you need to revisit your file multiple times, in order to make the process faster, you can create shortcuts. You can easily create a shortcut to your drive files by right click on the selected file and folder. Choose a location and you can click add shortcuts.

3. Offline access

Sometimes, the only thing that stops you from working on your files could be an unstable internet connection. So if you want to access your file even when you are offline on your phone, Click the three-dot menu next to each file name and click Make available offline. You don’t need the internet to access this file.

4. Upload pictures to search for text

google drive 1

Click the big plus icon and then either Upload or Use Camera to upload pictures. This unique feature on google drive helps images to be stored and searched without needing to be retyped. The iOS app doesn’t make the text editable with OCR—that only works from the desktop or from Android.

5. Keyboard shortcuts

Google drive keyboard shortcuts

Google Drive offers numerous shortcuts that don’t include dragging the mouse every time. If you want to check on it, type Ctrl+/, and the shortcut menu will reveal every keyboard option available. This not only works on the google drive app but also on the main google drive page. This feature is helpful for image content files that you can easily search for or gain access to.

6. Color grading of files

Google drive change colors of files

Google file also offers numerous colors for your files to change colors. This not only catches the eye but organizes files by your needs. Just right-click the file and select the option to change color. There are numerous color options to choose from. You can easily choose one. 

7. Save images on google drive

google drive save image features

Right-click on an image and you can see an option and save it to google drive. Save it to google drive that you might like or find useful in a folder on the drive. You can’t really save just the good text parts of a page—you can only save a view of it as a PNG file, the entire HTML source code, or as a Google Doc (which will throw off the formatting).

8. Gmail for large documents.

Google drive tips

The Drive-Gmail combo helps you share large files, just with a link. When you are writing a Gmail message, simply click the Drive icon and choose the file. You can share anything up to 10 GB in size. This beats the email attachment limit up to 25MB.

These were the few tips on google Drive that you might have missed. Be sure to check on these features, on your next use. Stay updated on more tips and guides on other software and apps, on our website. 


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