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Google now

Google Now – A helpful app in need

Google Now was introduced with Jelly Bean version of Android on July 9, 2012. Since then I have been using Google Now to search or ask information. You can ask anything to Google Now and it almost gives all the answers. For example you can ask about the weather, direction, place, people, to send text message and many more. Now you can even ask the schedule of World Cup. Now it even shows at what day and local time, your favorite team match will start. So without any further ado let’s find out how.

How to Open Google Now: If you have on screen button then swipe down to up from home button to launch Google Now app. If your android phone has physical button then press home key for a while.

Update: If your smartphone is running on Android v6.0 marshmallow or above then you have press and hold home button for couple of second to launch Google Now or to search items displaying on the screen.

How to get information: You can get information by typing on the search bar or by asking to Google Now. If you have set language on English (US), than you can say Okay Google to activate voice search. I you have got problem with US accent than go to settings of Google Now>Voice>Language>English>English(India). This will help Google Now to understand you accent more easily. But now you cannot say Okay Google to activate voice search in English(India).

Here are some of the phrases you can say to Google Now:

  • What’s the weather like today?
  • Will it rain today?
  • Hospital Nearby
  • Restaurant Nearby
  • Hotel Nearby
  • Police Station Nearby
  • Taxi Stand Nearby
  • Schedule For world cup
  • When does England play?
get it on google play
get it on google play

Most of the time, Google Now gives correct answers but sometime it fails to deliver right answer. The reason behind this is lack of information about Nepal in Google data base. For example if you asked weather information for Bhaktapur, Dharan or other cities of Nepal beside (Pokhara and Kathmandu), Google Now fails to recognize the name of the cities. Also Google has removed the Google Now Cards, which used to show weather, game live score, birthday, appointment and other handy information. And last but not the list, to install Google Now app you have to have Jellybean or KitKat version of Android. But still, Google Now is still a very useful application. And it has helped me many times in my life. So how many of you use Google Now? What you say to the Google Now? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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