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“Google’s Global Search Revolution: Generative AI Spreads to 120 Countries, Now Accessible in Nepal!”


Google just dropped some major news! They’re spreading their advanced Generative AI in Search to over 120 new countries and territories including Nepal. This Search Generative Experience (SGE) is on fire, expanding from the US to India, Japan, and now places like Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Nepal as well. In this article, we shall dive into Google’s Generative AI Search Expansion and what it has in store.

Google's Generative AI Search Expansion

Google’s Generative AI Search Expansion:

Just as the title suggests, Google’s Generative AI Search Expansion is now live in over 120 countries. If you want to check which countries have access to this AI just click here. Now, you can use the SGE on your computer’s Chrome browser in the new countries. Just go to Search Labs and start exploring! And hold on tight because, in the next week, you can also check out SGE on the Google app for Android and iOS.

Furthermore, Google is also adding Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian to the SGE language options. Can you imagine all the cool things you can do in your preferred language? The possibilities are endless!

Google's Generative AI Search Expansion

But wait, there’s more! You can throw follow-up questions right from the search results page. As you dig into a topic, your past questions and results will tag along, including those search ads. This update is hitting English in the US first and will roll out in the coming weeks.

Oh, and get ready for some translation magic! SGE can soon translate tricky phrases with multiple meanings. Just tap on the underlined words to pick the right one. It’s starting with English to Spanish in the US, but more countries and languages are in the pipeline.

Last but not least, coding and health searches are getting a glow-up. Certain words will stand out, and when you hover over them, you’ll get a sneak peek of their definition or related images. This cool feature is hitting English in the US first, with more countries and languages joining the party soon.

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