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GoPro Announced Hero 11 and Hero 11 mini


GoPro is one of the most famous action cameras worldwide. The GoPro Hero 10 was announced almost a year ago whereas now finally they have announced the GroPro Hero 11 along with Hero 11 mini. Therefore in this article, we will talk about the GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 11 Mini with its specification, features, and price in Nepal.

Overview of GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 11 mini

The GoPro Hero 11 get a similar design and dimensions as the GoPro Hero 10 along with the color black. Some of the highlights of the GoPro Hero 11 are bumped-up camera size sensor and resolutions with various new video recording models and more.

Whereas talking the new GoPro Hero 11 mini it gets the same specs as the larger Hero 11 but in a more compact form factor with no screen leaving you with the GoPro Quik app for most of the controls.

Design and Display

In the GoPro Hero 11, we get two displays two 2.27-inch touch screens on the back and a 1.4-inch screen on the front whereas the design of the GoPro Hero 11 Black remains the same as its predecessor.

Whereas GoPro has added a new member to its family the GoPro Hero 11 Mini a compact version weighing 20 grams lighter than the GoPro Hero 11.


GoPro Hero 11 will be featuring a 1/1.9 inches camera sensor across all the new series with a bumped 27MP resolution you can shoot up to 5.3K videos at 60fps or 4K at 120fps with full 10-bit colors. Whereas you can shoot 8:7 content on FullFrame shooting mode and 16:9 aspect on hyper view mode.

Furthermore the GoPro Hero 11 gets a few new video modes such as vehicle lights star trails and light paint for low-light scenarios. Whereas we can also find HyperSmooth software stabilization with an auto boost feature for the shakiest videos. Moreover, the automatic highlight videos compile the recent videos.

Battery and Other features

The GoPro Hero 11 pack an Enduro battery as a standard which was an optional accessory on the GoPro Hero 10. Whereas inside the Hero 11 package it includes a carrying case, adhesive mounts, a mounting buckle with a thumb screw, a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SD card, and a USB-C cable.

GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 11 mini Price in Nepal and Availability

GoPro Hero 11 Black launches with a starting price of $399 without a GoPro subscription whereas the regular price tag at $500. Furthermore the Hero 11 Mini cost $300 without the GoPro subscription and $400 along with the subscription while the GoPro 11 Mini might be on sale on October 25.

Whereas talking about the availability of the GoPro hero 11 and hero 11 mini isn’t officially retailed in Nepal. But we can expect them to be retailed by 3rd party dealers in Nepal. So if it arrives in Nepal the GoPro Hero 11 is priced at NPR 81,500. Whereas the GoPro Hero, 11 Mini is expected at NPR 43,999.

GoPro Hero 11 Series Price in the USAPrice in Nepal
GoPro Hero 11
(Without Subscription)
$399NPR 81,500
GoPro Hero 11 Mini
(Without Subscription)
$300NPR 39,552 ( converted )

BTW What is your thoughts on the GoPro Hero 11 Specification, features, and Price? Comment Below.



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