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Hamro Pay launches its digital wallet, Hamro pay


Hamro Patro one of the most popular apps in Nepal has added another app, a digital wallet facility called Hamro Pay. The app was launched successfully with more than 11,000 customers creating accounts on the platform within 24 hours. 

Hamro Pay launched 

Hamro Pay was launched on Friday and is an addition to the Nepali digital wallet platform. The App offers general payment facilities such as utility payment for khane pani, internet, TV, electricity bill, and mobile top-up. Similarly, it offers cash transaction features like load money, sending money, and even Split money.

Hamro Pay’s positive response: 

Hamro Pay launch was an unexpected response to the company, as an overwhelming number of Users tried creating an account on the digital wallet. More than 11,000 users have already subscribed to Hamro pay within 24 hours, of its launch. 

Hamro Pay launch event

This mass response also had a KYC verification delay as well. Shankar Upreti, founder and CEO of the company stated that with the massive customer, the response comes massive pressure as well, so the company is hiring more staff to double the team.  

Rest of the highlights

The app is also available in six languages including Nepalbhasa, Maithili, Doteli, and Tharu along with Nepali and English. The app is now available on both android as well as iOS, including the web version as well. However one doesn’t need to download a particular app for the service. The Hamro pay feature will already be available on Hamro Patro.

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