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Huawei is announcing Harmony OS 3.0 on July 27


Huawei recently started to launch harmony OS 3.0 on July 27 on Weibo. The company has also stated in the tweet which followed after their announcement that a new smart office launch party is also going to take place on the same day. 

Harmony OS 3.0

Huawei, a leading company for developing smartphones, is now launching its own operating system. The very first harmony OS was unveiled in August 2019. It was their biggest move after having trade blacklisted from further android services and technologies by the US government. Followed by Harmony OS 2.0 which was launched on 10 September 2020 it intended to upgrade the system on its smartphones by 2021. 

Finally, the new harmony OS Was officially released and was gradually upgraded to their older smartphones.

Huawei now falls behind other Chinese smartphone brands now ranking in the seventh position globally, while has still maintained a good third position in china. Due to the lack of access to Google services, it lets foreign users prevent reach through popular apps like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Harmony OS 3.0

While the products available before blacklisting still continue to provide the platform for google services, products after the enlistment have their own featureful apps. Huwai now has over 1,20,000 apps running on its app store, along with HMS which provides shortcuts to mobile sites that are unavailable.

There has been no further information about the new features of the Harmony OS 3.O and the devices that will be updated. 

According to the official statement on their weibo;

“Facing the future, comprehensive evolution. At 19:30 on July 27th, HarmonyOS 3 and Huawei’s full-scene new product launch conference, HarmonyOS 3 and its partners invite you to open a new chapter of wisdom together.” Huawei states.

The Harmony OS now operates more than 30 crores of devices. Now we wait for the new launch with new and better features than the previous one for a wide improvised mobile experience. 


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