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Helio G96 chipset revealed with 120Hz display support and 108MP camera


Mediatek revealed its new chipset Helio G96 supporting a 108MP camera and 120Hz refresh rate display and G88 also gets upgrades. However, reports show that the new Helio G96 will not have any special upgrades than previous chipsets Helio G95 and Helio G85.

New Helio G96 will feature an octa-core processor with a pair of Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.05 GHz and six A55 cores that are the same as Helio G96. However, its GPU is only a Mali-G57 MC2.

However, the Helio G88 is similar to its previous model as it has the same pair of Cortex-A75 cores running at 2.0 GHz joined by six A55 cores.  Whereas Mali-G52 MC2 will be handling graphics.

Helio G96

The 108MP Camera

The Helio G96 will support a 108MP camera as the processor mainly focuses on photography. Therefore, the devices with Helio G96 and Helio G88 will be featuring a 108MP main camera letting the users take impressive images. Although you might be able to click great photos on the photo side, the video capability is limited to 4K @ 30 fps. With the Helio G88 chipset, you can get the main sensor up from 48MP to 64MP.

120Hz Refresh Rate Display

The upcoming Helio G96 will support a 120Hz display at up to 1080p+ resolution. This is a major upgrade from the 90Hz refresh rate from its predecessor. With currently even the mid-rangers supporting a 120Hz refresh rate, this is a great upgrade by Mediatek. Whereas the Helio G88 supports a 90Hz refresh rate at 1080p+ resolution. 

Further upgrades include support for faster LTE, faster storage, and a newer Bluetooth version.

Helio G88


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