Daraz 11 11 Sale

Here is how you can avoid problems during the Upcoming Daraz 11 11 Sale

Shopping Online might still seem skeptical for few but in this era of digitalization, it is one of the most conventional and easy methods of Shopping. It is now a practice performed all around the world. Whereas In the context of Nepal Daraz has been doing an extraordinary job of digitizing the shopping experience. Providing people with easy deals and discounts, different occasions sales and many more. And this time around Daraz is back again with its teaser on 11.11 | Worlds Biggest online sale.  But what is this 11.11? When is it? And why should you care? And for those who know about these sales but had some problems last time, we will also point out how to avoid problems on Daraz 11 11.

What is this 11.11? When is it?  And why should you care?

11.11 stands for 11th date of 11th month November, thus the date of sale going live.  Nov.11 is known as Singles Day in China. Believed to have begun in the 1990s by men celebrating being single. But In 2009, Alibaba launched the first shopping event on that day, offering heavy discounts on its Tmall shopping platform. Since that day the tradition of 11.11 sale has started. In 2015 rebranded as Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival renamed from Singles Day. It is an annual promotional event to reward consumers through discounts, It is also the biggest 24-hour online sale event both in China and globally.

Being an Alibaba Owned company Daraz is also preparing for it’s biggest 24-hour online sale in Nepal. Closing in day by day the sale goes live on (Kartik 25) November 11. To live up to the expectation of biggest 24-hour sale tradition Daraz is providing Mega Deals on products, Game zone to play and win, Discount vouchers for store followers, early birds and app shakers (shake app discounts), Discounts through Bank partners, Free delivery, Global collection free shipping and many more. Quite a lot to look out for. This is not the first time Daraz is hosting this sale. Daraz did this a year ago with amazing offers and the response was quite huge.

Daraz 11 11 Sale Offers

With many people online wanting to steal the deal there is bound to be some problems such as out of stock, missing out the deal, size differences, etc, etc. As the proverb goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and here is how to avoid problems on Daraz 11/11.

How to avoid problems on Daraz 11 11.

1. Use Daraz app instead of the website for easy navigation

With many options to choose from finding the perfect match might cause some problems to avoid that use the Daraz App instead of the website for simple and easy navigation and find the best product match for you.

2. Switch on notifications on the phone to not miss out on any deal

Sometimes waiting for a deal and it goes right through your head and you miss out on the deal. To avoid this simply turn on notifications and find out the information on deals in your notifications.

3. Save products you like to your wish list or to your cart

When you know what you need this is the best way of shopping. Browse the products you need or you like then simply add those to the carts or your wish lists Be prepared early. You also get notified when your wish list product price drops. When the sales day arrives simply checkout with your cards and vouchers to get maximum benefit, save time as well as get rid of ‘out of stock’ problem.

4. Activate your bank cards for online transactions before 11.11

Getting tools ready beforehand always helps avoid the problem. Missing out your discount only because it took long enough to get your card activated, That would definitely take away your smile and wish to get the extra discount.  

5. Save your card details and add items in the cart before 11.11 for quick checkout

Skip the hassle of filling details at the time of checkout. Fill and save your details early hand so you can quickly check out the products you have wish listed or added to the cart and start browsing other deals.

6. Look for products on Daraz Mall stores for guaranteed authentic products.

Daraz is an online marketplace and there are many sellers with varieties of products at various prices. You might want to order some guaranteed authentic products and best way to get those is through Daraz Mall section in Daraz

Also an extra tip: always compare products between sellers to get the best deal and don’t forget to check the description for complete details.

7. Check delivery times according to sellers, Chinese sellers take 15-30 days 

Chinese seller takes more time to deliver while Nepali seller products take less time So check the delivery time and order according to your urgency. 

8. Check the warranty and return policy 

There is no guarantee every product you order will be in its finest form but it also doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. If the product does not satisfy your need or gets defected then you can always claim the warranty or return the product. There are conditions to it so I suggest you read Daraz policy first 

9. Check out the best size for you using Size Chart

Check your size according to the size chart and choose the best fit so you don’t have to order – wait – get the wrong size – return – and wait again.

Shopping Smarter and Faster helps you save both time and money. Knowing these will definitely help you avoid problems with Daraz 11 11 and make your shopping experience better. You can also start playing games and winning vouchers right away and start adding products to your wishlist or cart and get ready for the 11.11 sale.

Visit the Daraz 11.11 Sale Here