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Hi-Tech RAM Price in Nepal


RAM on a laptop or Desktop plays a major role in performance so increasing your RAM memory could be a game changer. Therefore we can find a lot of RAM retailed by various brands such as Transcend’s RAM, Adata, Kingston, Hi-tech, and more. Therefore in this article, we will be talking about Hi-tech RAM Price in Nepal along with its specification, features, and models.

Hi-Tech DDR4 RAM Price in Nepal:

Hi-Tech DDR4 RAMPrice in Nepal
DDR4 16GB laptop 2666 MHzRS.9300
DDR4 16GB Desktop 2666 MHzRS.9300
DDR4 8GB Desktop RGB – 3200 MHzRS.6000
DDR4 8GB Laptop 2666 MHzRS.3600
DDR4 8GB Desktop 2666 MHzRS.3600
DDR4 4GB Laptop 2666 MHzRS.2175
DDR4 4GB Desktop 2666 MHzRS.2175

Hi-Tech DDR3 RAM Price in Nepal:

Hi-Tech DDR3 RAMPrice in Nepal
DDR3 8GB Laptop 1600 MHzRS.2100
DDR3 8GB Desktop 1600 MHzRS.2100
DDR3 4GB Laptop 1333 MHzRS.1575
DDR3 4GB Desktop 1333 MHzRS.1500
DDR3 2GB Desktop 1333 MHzRS.650

Hi-Tech DDR2 RAM Price in Nepal:

Hi-Tech DDR2 RAMPrice in Nepal
DDR2 2GB Desktop 800 MHzRS.550
DDR2 2GB Laptop 800 MHzRS.550


Hi-Tech DDR4 RAM Price in Nepal

DDR4 RAM is a fourth-generation Dynamic Random Access memory. Futhermore the major advantage of DDR4 RAM is that it has higher clock speeds while using less power. Talking about Hi-tech DDR4 RAM offers a clock speed of 2666 Mhz clock speed and goes all the way up to 3200Mhz. Whereas talking about capacity the Hi-tech DDR4 RAM offers 4GB,8GB, and 16GB of capacity.


Coming to DDR3 RAM it was released on June 2007 as a successor to DDR2 RAM. Moreover, the DDR3 RAM has a clock speed of 400MHz to 1066Mhz. Futhermore the HI-tech DDR3 RAM has a clock speed of 1333Mhz and goes all the way up to 1600Mhz. Whereas the Hi-tech offer 2GB/4GB/8GB capacity DDR3 RAM.


The DDR2 RAM was introduced in 2003 and it’s a predecessor of DDR3 RAM. Futhermore the Hi-Tech DDR2 RAM has a clock speed of 800Mhz. Whereas the RAM only comes in a single capacity of 2GB.

Hi-Tech RAM Availability in Nepal

If you are willing to purchase this affordable and well-featured Hi-Tech RAM in Nepal then you can easily buy these from Nepal’s exclusive Authorized dealer Hi-tech international PVT LTD. Futhermore Hi-Tech also offer a range of products such as Hi-Tech SSD, storage device, and other accessories.

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