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“HONOR Overtakes Apple and Vivo to Claim Top Spot in Smartphone Market”


In a significant development within the dynamic Chinese smartphone market, HONOR‘s Smartphone Success has triumphed as the leader in smartphone sales during the third quarter. According to the latest report from Counterpoint Research, HONOR has clinched the top position with an impressive market share of 18.3%.

HONOR’s Smartphone Success:

In the most recent Q3 market performance analysis, as disclosed by renowned industry sources including Counterpoint, Canalys, and IDC, HONOR has made a triumphant return to the apex in terms of market share within the Chinese market.

Furthermore, in the realm of foldable devices, as officially recognized by IDC and Counterpoint, the HONOR Magic V2 emerged as the frontrunner among all foldable models during Q3 of 2023 in China. This remarkable comeback for HONOR, after more than a year, can be attributed to the introduction of three new foldable models, significantly bolstering the brand’s position within the competitive high-end segment, specifically in the US$600 range, as scored by IDC.

HONOR's Smartphone Success

As evident from the chart displayed above, HONOR has clinched the top spot, with Vivo and Oppo following closely in the second and third positions, respectively, for the same timeframe. Apple, on the other hand, finds itself in the fourth position, securing a 14.2% market share.

HONOR reclaimed its leading position, marking a comeback of more than a year, thanks to the introduction of three new foldable models that bolstered its standing in the competitive high-end segment priced at around US$600.

Furthermore, HONOR is also actively launching its new phones here in the Nepalese market as well. Honor had just announced a new budget smartphone that features a 5G chipset, up to 12GB RAM, a 90Hz refresh rate, a 50MP main camera, and more. Alongside budget smartphones, Honor has launched the Honor X9b, a midrange phone packed with a lot of features.

To sum it up, HONOR’s Smartphone Success in the Chinese smartphone market is a big achievement. They made a strong comeback by introducing impressive foldable phones in the high-end category, as recognized by experts and strong sales figures. HONOR is not only leading in China but also expanding to other markets like Nepal and launching new phones. Whether it’s budget-friendly or midrange devices, HONOR is showing a commitment to providing top-notch tech to a wider audience, ensuring they remain a significant player in the tech industry.

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