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How to check your internet speed?


As the growth of the internet has affected the worldwide population, it is guaranteed that staying connected online has been daily convenience in people’s life. Numerous ISPs (internet service providers) have been continuing to boost the best to best high-speed internet as they claim. while there is numerous ISP in Nepal as well, we can name a few popular ones such as world link, Vianet, Subisu, dish home fiber net and you name others. These internet providers offer a wide range of internet connections based on speed, coverage, and affordable packages as well. 

Now, sometimes many of us face lagging on the internet speed, connection problems, and technical difficulties while experiencing smooth use. Checking on the internet speed as the ISP promised is now one of the important things that we have to keep in our mind. Regular checking of the internet speed is the first step to fixing your internet issues. Of course, such an issue can occur with numerous causes, and troubleshooting such defaults must be one’s priority. 

So, let’s look into how we can check internet speed accurately:

Your internet connection’s speed will vary based on the time of day, the number of devices connected and in use, along with other factors.


You can easily check your internet speed, on your windows laptop without relying on third-party apps. go into your laptop’s “Network and Internet” menu found on the control panel of the settings menu. select “Network and Sharing Center” and then click on your Wi-Fi name. Once clicked a new window with your network, and wifi details along with the speed.

Mac OS:

In the older version of the macOS, you can check your wifi easily through network and utility. Go to  Finder > Applications > Utilities and find Network Utility. In the Info tab under Link Speed, you’ll see your Wi-Fi speed.

Also, you can click the wifi icon on the top of the screen on the right side of the options menu. Under the current Wi-Fi network it shows a host of information about the current connection, including the IP addresses, MAC address, the Wi-Fi standard, and the connection speed, which is shown as the Tx Rate.


A lot of smartphones also have an internet speed tester already in the system settings. So users can easily check their internet speed through it. Also, there are numerous websites and apps that provide internet speed details as well. You can rely on these third-party tools for more detailed information about your internet as well. 

Iphone :

In the iphone IOS, internet speed can be checked by relying on third-party apps and testing servers. There are numerous apps and sites that provide excellent network and wifi test services. Checking your network speed through third-party apps and sites is the major way to check internet speed on your iphone.

Top websites that we recommend for checking network speed:

 Ookla Speedtest:

Ookla speedtest

The basic app for the Ookla speed test is free, and the premium version is ad-free and includes an unlimited VPN. Ookla Speedtest is rated 4.3 in the Apple and Google Play app stores. The app is packed with features such as upload speed, download speed, latency, and jitter. It also can conduct video tests to measure resolution, load time, and buffering. All you have to do is click the “Go” button and the whole test is completed in less than a minute. is an internet speed test that runs entirely on HTML5 and PHP. What that means is that it doesn’t require third-party software like Java or Flash to run your test, which can make for more accurate output accurate, reliable speed test results with features like download speed test, upload speed test, and automatic speed test. The software is supported by dedicated speed test servers, with unbiased results.



Another on our list is the SpeedOf.Me website, measures the download speed, upload speed, latency, and jitter of the client. Its javascript-based AVI lets users a number of features as a personal speed test service with calculated statistic information. The free trial includes 100 API calls over a 30-day period. After that, there are plan and price options on a monthly basis. Check out by visiting the official page.

One of the simplest sites that just need a click, immediately starts an internet speed test. is actually owned by Netflix, which was a platform for streamers to check their internet connection and if it was strong enough to stream Netflix in maximum resolution without buffering. However, besides how easy it is use to, it lacks advanced features from other sites. You can click for more results, get latency and upload test results, and share data on Facebook or Twitter instantly.

These were the top tired internet checking sites, check them out for an accurate speed test as well as some really cool features for more advanced options.

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