How to keep your smartphone clean

COVID-19: How to keep your smartphone clean and safe

During a crucial time-period of Corona “COVID-19” outburst, it is very essential to take necessary measures to stay hygienic and pretentious from the epidemic. When talking about hygiene and sanitation, we often assume about washing hands, wearing masks, eating healthy food and maintaining the immunity system.  While these are important things to be considered, we ALWAYS forget about our smartphones.

So, here is the question that I want you to think about, “How Often Do You Clean Your Smartphone?”

While, most of our answers would be “No” and you don’t need to lie about it because, if you think that’s disgusting then we found out some intriguing truth from a recent survey taken by ZDNet.

Survey from ZDnet
Survey from ZDnet

In total, 18.5% of people said their smartphone was subject to a weekly clean, whereas 14% said their mobile device was subject to a monthly spruce-up. A whopping 60% of you admitted they never cleaned your mobile device. 7.4% inferred you would clean it after they’ve been sick.

Now, if you fall under the 81.5% of people who Never clean their gadgets or just clean them sometimes, then you should really rethink your life-decision. This is because, think for yourself, your smartphone is always with you from work, home, kitchen, outdoor and if you can admit it then Bathrooms too.

With that excessive relocating, the only thing that comes along with your smartphone is the bacteria and germs. And in the times of outrageous outbreak of Covid-19, it has been important than ever to keep your gadgets safe.

So, we have listed five ways on how you can clean your gadgets. By initiating these majors you can take a major step towards better hygiene, BUT DON’T FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS AS WELL, washing your hand with soap and water is always the first step to keep you and your device away from harmful bacteria and viruses. 

After you are done with washing your hands, you can use any of the following steps to clean your gadgets:

  • Anti-bacterial wipes/ alcohol swab is always helpful: There’s no harm in using a wipe every so often, especially if you’ve recently suffered from illness, but this should be an occasional clean as they may contain harmful chemicals.
    Also, if you really want to get rid of any kind of germs and bacteria than you can also use alcohol swab but by stuffing it inside a cotton roll and you can use the alcohol damp cotton roll to make your phone disinfectant from any kind of viruses. Rember you should wash your hands, not your phone so don’t use a soaked-wet swab just use as much as needed(dam preferably) to quickly clean your gadget.

“Using a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you may gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your iPhone,” Apple says on its updated support page.”

  • Microfiber cloth/Sanitizer never goes out of trend: To reduce the risk of scratching your screen, always use a damp microfiber cloth rather than paper towels. Also, if you think microfiber cloths are hard to get then what you can also do is take a little bit( a drop or two) sanitizer in a cotton ball and wipe the screen and device, this will keep your disinfected and safe to use.
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  • Use technology cleaners if necessary: There are specific cleaning products that are available for electronics and screens which will kill bugs and shouldn’t leave any streaks. You can fetch one from electronic-shops, City centre or Bhatbhateni.   
  • Don’t forget to clean the Nooks and crannies: You can always use damp cotton swabs to clear up any awkward spots, such as headphone jacks or memory card slots from the sanitizer or the microfiber cloth because these are the most missed places and does contain a lot of infectant.
  • UV lights could also be an option: For a serious clean you can use UV flash to and kill microscopic bacteria, which really comes handy. Even though, this might be expensive and not really important, if you still want to buy it then you can go for it.
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But, during the process of cleaning your phone what you should actually avoid are Window cleaning spray, Paper, Rubbing alcohol/sprays General household cleaning products and Vinegar. These are the products that can severely damage your gadget devices. 

With all the steps above, hope you will be able to keep yourself and your devices safe. Also, in terms of cleaning your devices remember that keeping your gadgets clean and safe is as important as your daily hygiene because it’s your proudest possession and no denial all of us depend on our smartphones for almost everything. If you have any question then do use the comment section down below, we would be more than happy to help you with any question you might have.