How to setup ncell internet settings on Android

How To Setup Ncell Internet Settings On Android Smartphone

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If you just bought an Android smartphone and using Ncell SIM than you might be wondering how to setup Ncell internet settings and use Data internet? To help you I made this simple tutorial video to help you guys.

Enjoy video 🙂

You can add Ncell internet setting by two methods:

  1. By SMS: All you have to do is type ALL and send it 9595. You will receive internet settings for your smartphone. Just save that settings and you are good to go.
  2. By manually: Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names
    -Click on + or Menu option to add new APNs (Access Point Names)
    -Type NcellGPRS on Name and web on APN. Leave all options as it is
    -Save the settings by going to menu option
    -Select NcellGPRS. And Now you are ready to use Ncell Internet

To turn on or off Data internet on your Android smartphone, goto Settings>Wireless & Networks>Data usage>Mobile data usage On/Off. Or you can simple swipe down notification toggle from the top of the screen, you will Mobile data icon, just tap to turn On/Off mobile data.