twitter zero offer
twitter zero offer

How To Use Twitter For Free On Ncell

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Twitter is becoming more and more popular in Nepal. You can follow Politicians, celebrities, news channels as well as us(@gadgetsinnepal) on Twitter to get the latest news and updates. And we think it’s the right time to share How To Use Twitter For Free On Ncell network. Well, Ncell has been offering Twitter Zero offer for a long time but we think many Ncell users are not utilizing this offer. It’s a great offer by Ncell and I’ll suggest you guys use Twitter, it’s amazing in its own way.

So this tutorial is only for Ncell users using Android and IOS smartphones.

For Android users:

  1. Go to settings> Connections> Data Usage
  2. Tap on to the left button of the Menu button for Option and Turn off Auto-sync data and Turn on Restrict Background data
  3. Go to Settings> Location Services> Turn off Access to my location

For iPhone users:

  1. Go to Settings> Cellular> Turn ON
  2. Scroll down to go to Use Cellular data for and choose the applications that automatically sync data while cellular data is ON
  3. Go to Settings> General> Background app refresh> turn OFF
  4. Go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> Turn OFF the Auto Downloadable Apps, Updates and also Turn OFF the USE CELLULAR DATA option
  5. Go to Settings> Privacy> Location services and choose the applications that automatically sync location data while cellular data is ON

Now you can use Twitter free from the official Twitter app, native android browser, and Opera mini version 4.4 and above. Ncell didn’t provide me settings manual for Windows Phone, However, they said Windows Phone users can also use Twitter Zero offer if location service and background sync data are turned OFF. BlackBerry and other proxy browsers do not support this service. Also, note that if you click on the external links then you will be charged as per the standard data rates.

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