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FIFA world cup 2022: How to watch World Cup 2022 in Nepal? 


The world cup fever is high and the anticipated football tournament is now just three days away from officially beginning. Of course, not all of us can actually visit the grand Al-Bayt Stadium in Qatar right away, However good news !! Nepalese can equally enjoy World Cup right through our screens with supporting buddies and some good snacks. So are you excited about your favorite teams winning? Let’s learn how to watch world cup 2022 in Nepal right away. 

Media hub to officially Livestream:

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The media company media hub is officially broadcasting the 22nd FIFA World Cup competition in Nepal. The company has bought exclusive rights to the matches from the Indian company Viacom and holds exclusive rights in our country. Note: Viacom18 is also an Indian media network that has secured the right to media rights to this year’s World Cup for the sub-continent. So this means that Any other media that wants to broadcast FIFA World Cup matches in any country within the sub-continent, will have to get the rights from Viacom18.

Previously there was no such thing as an exclusive media company to hold exclusive rights for world cup tournament streaming. Indian channels would continuously air the game for free such as Ten Sports, Sony, action sports, and other sports channels. However, this time media hub has so far confirmed that Himalaya TV is the only TV channel to air the tournament. There have been recent agreements with cable TV operators such as Net TV, Via TV, Dish Home, and Clear TV to show the Himalaya Premium channel broadcasting the FIFA World Cup live.

Fees to be charged to viewers this 2022 Worldcup tournament:

vianet worldcup subscription offer

The unfortunate news has been quite a rage upon football fans, this year. This time WorldCup matches aren’t free. The media hub is officially charging a subscription cost of RS 500. So if you wanna watch the match, viewers will have to pay subscription costs along with 13% VAT. That means the total cost will be in the amount of Rs 565. 

Where can we watch it?

As for now, IPTVs seem to be the only subscription where we can watch the game broadcast. Also, the subscription is only for one television. For additional tv and subscriptions, extra payment will be required. As ridiculous as it sounds, the fee won’t be applicable to mobile apps since the subscription is only for the setup box. So sadly, no mobile streaming. 😭

But, it’s likely that the IPTV service providers will add the option later before the tournament begins. These providers have mobile apps where it would be easier for users to enjoy. Let’s be hopeful for now. 

Moving on, to other options FIFA is really pushing fully with legal live streaming because there won’t is any live broadcast on social networking media as well. FIFA has sold the rights to every country with a geo-lock system so there won’t is any chance of airing the live game. If somehow the game gets aired, the AI will immediately detect it and end the game as well as ban the account as well. 

Third-party streaming:

Of course, there are many third-party apps and sites that might be useful for tricky live streaming, However, be careful because such sites are keen on attracting people for higher traffic and might be malicious. 

How to pay?

Customers can immediately contact their IPTV providers or cable operators immediately for subscriptions. Once you pay, Himalaya Premium will be added to your television sets, where you can watch the matches. You can also pay through mobile wallets as well. 

These were our tips on How to watch World Cup 2022 in Nepal.

So, are we excited for the upcoming WorldCup?? If yes, scream your team in the comment sections !! Who are you supporting? Let us know.

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