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Netflix on ceasing the widespread account sharing, its new idea on letting you pay


As Netflix has revealed it is losing money as users share their accounts with their friends and family, to get paid as it is against the company’s terms and conditions. Recently, Netflix came up with a new idea to clamp this down. And to show off what paid account sharing will look like. Netflix said that “widespread account sharing between households undermines our long-term ability to invest in and improve our service.” In this article, we will discuss the add-home feature Netflix has added to crack down on password sharing. With in-depth information on How does it work in Nepal.

Moreover, Netflix has designed a new strategy to stop this unfair sharing of the account by adding an option of “Add a home” to Netflix. Which will allow one account to get shared between multiple people with each user paying extra for each home after the first one.

Netflix has explained how this “add a home” feature will work

  • One home per account: Each Netflix account – whatever your plan – will include one home where you can enjoy Netflix on any of your devices. 
  • Buy additional homes: To use your Netflix account in additional homes, we will ask you to pay an extra [219 Pesos per month per home in Argentina / $2.99 per month per home in the Dominican Republic / $2.99 per month per home in Honduras / $2.99 per month per home in El Salvador / $2.99 per month per home in Guatemala]. Members on the Basic plan can add one extra home, Standard up to two extra, and Premium up to three extra. 
  • Travel included: You can watch while outside the home on your tablet, laptop, or mobile.
  • New manage homes feature: You will soon be able to control where your account is being used – and remove homes at any time – from your account settings page.

How will Netflix Know

netflix add home feature

You might be wondering how will Netflix know if our devices are connected inside the household or outside the household. According to Netflix, they will know about the household or outside account access. As Netflix can detect your Ip addresses, device IDs and account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account.

Netflix Password sharing crackdown in Nepal

For now, this new idea will be tested in Argentina, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Therefore for now it won’t affect the Netflix experience for other countries. Which also includes Nepal. Though we don’t know when will Netlfix will implement the decision worldwide.

At least, the use of Smartphones and high-tech Tv will be incomplete without the film and series industry. Netflix has played an efficient role globally to entertain its users through the means of movies and series.


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