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Huawei Is Still The 2nd Largest Smartphone Manufacturer: Counterpoint

According to a new report published by Counterpoint Research, Huwaei has surpassed Apple and become the second-largest smartphone manufacturer of 2019 globally, while the top spot is still held by the tech giant Samsung. The report also sheds light on the fact that the smartphone market has declined by 1% year on year in 2019. This is still a better figure as compared to the last year when the smartphone market declined by 4% year on year.

Even with the heavy trade sanction in place, Huawei has seen a growth in its home market, China, where it holds almost 40% market share. Without access to the Google-Play Services on its devices, the company is finding it very challenging to grab foreign markets. For the rest of the world, Google Play Services play a very large part in the smartphone use case of people, but that’s not a problem in China which accounts for up to 60% sales of the company.

The World’s Top Five Smartphone Companies

Global Smartphone Shipment 2019
Global Smartphone Shipment 2019

Another interesting news published in the report is that Apple became the top smartphone manufacturer for the fourth quarter of 2019. This was due to the strong sales of the new iPhone 11 which also helped grow the global market share of the company by 1% year on year to 14%. In the meantime, Samsung also gained market share by 1% year on year and holds 20% of the smartphone market globally.

The top five smartphone brands for 2019 were Samsung, Huwaei, Apple, Xiaomi, and Oppo which accounted for 66% of the global smartphone shipments. Also, the 5G smartphone market accounted for only 1% of the market in 2019 but is expected to grow with the introduction on more value-based 5G devices as the market is rapidly moving towards 5G.