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Huawei Leads The Chinese Smartphone Market In The First Quarter

Competition is the driving force towards improvement and development. When you have a good rivalry it acts as an impulse to work better towards the progress. It is good to see competition in the tech world between different companies. This will result in better smartphones at an affordable price. We already have witnessed a lot of competition between numerous flagship companies. Samsung and Apple bring out more and more technological advantages to win customers’ trust and then each other.

Huawei becomes the top smartphone seller in China

Only recently Huawei has reached the top of the sky in the world’s smartphone market. Huawei moved past Oppo with the sale of 21 million units in China in its first three months of this year. Huawei is accounted for 18% of total market sales. Oppo was deranged to the second place with the sale of 20 million units despite Oppo’s 55% yearly sales growth.

China’s smartphone market in Q1 2017
China’s smartphone market in Q1 2017

However, Oppo and Vivo along with OnePlus are the subsidiaries of the same company BBK electronics. So if we count BBK electronics as a whole it would rank first in China by a great deal. Oppo, vivo and OnePlus being three separate companies, it is expected that they be will be ranked individually.


In the other ranks of the first quarter of this year, Vivo ranked third with 15% market share and 17 million sold units. Apple came in fourth and Xiaomi ranked fifth, with just 9 million sold units. It is a big hit for Xiaomi since it was third in the previous year’s quarter. Huawei’s Honor sub-branding on pricing and relentless marketing from Oppo and Vivo’s have put a lot of pressure on Xiaomi. During this year’s first quarter(ending 31 March 2017144 million smartphones were shipped in China, according to Canalys.

This lead from Huawei in the Chinese market is a great achievement. We wish both the companies great success in the future. Tell us what you think about these ups and downs of different companies in the comment section.


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