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Huawei gained the title of top smartphone seller in Q2 2020


Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has shipped the highest number of phones, outnumbering Samsung by 2.1 million devices in Q2 2020. Huawei managed to sell 55.8 million devices worldwide while South Korea’s Samsung sold 53.7 million devices from April-June interval. Apple stood in the third position with shipments of 40 to 45 million devices. 

For the last two years, Samsung has been selling the highest number of phones besides the second quarter of this year where Huawei overtook Samsung. Huawei is the same brand that was enlisted by Trump Administration in the “entity list” where this brand was banned from using Google’s service. Despite all these downfalls, Huawei managed to dodge them all and stood back being a top smartphone seller. In 2019’s second quarter, Huawei experienced a 5% reduction in sales while Samsung witnessed a 30% drop in sales simultaneously. 

Huawei takes top spot in global phone shipments for first time

According to Mo Jia from Canalys, the pandemic COVID 19 also played a role to bring Huawei in the first place. China came back to normal life during the pandemic in the second quarter while Samsung’s key markets like the USA, Europe, and Brazil were still fighting against COVID 19. Since China was back in normal daily life, China sold 40 million devices within the country while Samsung’s key market was out of the smartphone. 

Although Huawei stood first in the second quarter, it will be exciting to see whether Huawei manages to stand first or not in the third quarter this year. Let’s see what different games will be played by these two smartphone makers to outstand each other. 

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