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“Unveiling Humane’s Ai Pin: A Quirky Blend of Fashion and AI Innovation”


San Francisco-based startup, Humane (or, has just introduced its debut product — the Ai Pin. Imagine a smartphone minus the screen, attached to your shirt, and infused with AI capabilities. In this post, we shall dive into further details of what this Humane Ai Pin is.

Humane Ai Pin features:

Talking about the newly launched Humane Ai Pin, packs a 13 MP camera for photos and text messaging, featuring an AI virtual assistant developed in collaboration with Microsoft and OpenAI. Despite its unconventional appearance, it aims to become a conversation starter in public. It’s not your typical accessory in fact, it’s designed to stand out with a bold and attention-grabbing look.

Humane Ai Pin

One interesting feature is the “personic speaker,” a sound bubble creator for personalized audio experiences. But fear not, it’s equipped with Bluetooth, so you can opt for headphones and spare others from unintended noise.

Furthermore, Conversations with the Ai Pin happen ‘naturally,’ thanks to its AI Mic that enhances search functionality. It can also craft messages in your own tone, tidy up your inbox with the ‘Catch Me Up’ feature, and even assist with foreign language interpretation and nutrition goals through computer vision.

When talking about the OS on this device, it runs on Humane’s Cosmos OS, tailored for the AI era. This Ai Pin skips traditional apps and focuses on blending intelligent technologies with user-friendly interaction and advanced security.

People might get concerned about the battery life of this device. However, the brand has got you covered. The Ai Pin isn’t always listening; you activate it with a tap and drag on its touchpad, accompanied by a reassuring “Trust Light.” It also boasts a laser for projecting information on your hand, addressing the absence of a screen. The Ai device is available in Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar colors.

Humane Ai Pin

Likewise, there is also a 34g Ai Pin that offers a ‘battery booster’ accessory, adding 20g. Multiple boosters can be swapped seamlessly, connecting magnetically and wirelessly charging the device.

Pricing-wise, the Ai Pin, powered by an undisclosed Snapdragon SoC, starts at $699 with two battery boosters. A $24 monthly subscription provides a phone number and T-Mobile data coverage. Pre-orders kick off on November 16, with shipping expected early next year.

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