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iflix Review: Watch TV Shows and Movies on Your Smartphone

If you didn’t know, Ncell launched its movie streaming service a month ago through iflix — a Malaysian Video On Demand (VOD) provider. iflix enables you to watch popular movies and TV shows on your device through internet. It has a huge online library full of popular movies and TV shows that ranges from Hollywood to Bollywood. It includes some of the Korean movies. Furthermore, you cannot just watch movies in iflix but be able to download it to watch later.

About the Ncell iflix Offer

Ncell customers can access iflix contents for three months (started from Oct 12,2017) for the night period of 12 am to 5 am. As for the paid service one can buy 1 hour video pack for Rs 50 to access iflix contents. In order to use this service, all you need to do is download iflix app from the App Store and Play store and sign up. To take one hour pack of Ncell iflix service, you need to dial *17137# through your Ncell network on your device.

iflix offer by Ncell
iflix offer by Ncell



Before you actually pay for the iflix service brought by Ncell we have tested it thoroughly for you to make the decision whether it is worth it or not.

First Impressions

iflix bears a clear resemblance with the well know Netflix, even the logo of iflix will give you Netflix vibe. One can say that it is the Asian alter ego of Netflix. Although iflix boasts of having a large library contents of movies and TV shows, a lot of popular movies and TV series like Game of Thrones, Flash, Friends, etc were missing. Currently there is very little Nepali content but authorities say that they are adding Nepali content through partnership with the content owners.

iflix app review
iflix app review

The main base of iflix is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has a vision to be the best online video steaming service in Southeast Asia. One drawback of iflix is that it won’t work on jail-broken smartphones and other devices.

Speed and Video Quality

The speed of video streaming is satisfactory and will face occasional freeze or lags based on your internet subscription speed. The quality of video however peaked only to 720p. On little digging on internet, we found that the max quality you can watch on iflix is 720p. This was a little disappointment on using the service through larger screen devices such as tablets and laptops.

iflix app review
iflix app review

Also, the quality of audio through the video stream was a little unsatisfactory. We learned that iflix uses poor audio compression for its videos which degrades the audio quality. However, the speed of the streamed movies is worth noting because the movies runs smoothly.


iflix has a lot to offer for you, you can choose different genre of movies based on your preference. The main feature to like is that you can download the video to watch for later. Also, you can choose subtitles of different languages and also change audio languages(if available).

Our Verdict

It is great that Ncell has brought Video streaming service to Nepal. Until its free for the customers its great, but when one is actually paying to watch I wish there was more contents.

Talking about the cost for the subscription, if we convert the Malaysian Ringgit price for 1month which is 10 RM the Nepalese value will be Rs. 250. We agree that on bringing the service to Nepal the cost will be a bit greater than that but Ncell is charging people Rs.50 for hourly service which is actually really costly when compared. It would have been great if Ncell brought monthly offers instead of hourly at a affordable and  reasonable price.

Tell us what you think about iflix. You can get the app from both App Store and Play Store. Other network users can also use the app for one month free trial.

Download The App HERE
Download iflix HERE


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