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Neighboring Country India Makes USB-C Port Mandatory, will Nepal follow the suit?


Back when the European union made some huge decisions on the implementation of USB type C ports, Europe and India were discussing it. India has now announced the law to make USB type C mandatory finally passing the regulation. Let’s get into the details.

India’s new law

Indian government-run Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) made the announcement on Tuesday after consulting with industry stakeholders about standards, global supply chain constraints, and product availability. 

USB type C ports

“BIS has notified standards for type C chargers and the government will come up with two common types of charging ports for mobiles and wearable electronic devices,” Rohit Kumar Singh, secretary of the Indian ministry of consumer affairs, said in an interview with Business Standard.

Singh also states 

“There is a broad consensus among the industry and government that the use of USB type C charging ports can be mandatory after six months of the European Union’s rolling out of standards for USB charging ports in 2024 as electronic manufacturers have a globally integrated supply chain,”

This is a step toward Prime Minister Modi’s LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) initiative, which aims to motivate people all over the world to do “mindful and deliberate usage” instead of “mindful and wasteful consumption.”

European Union has set a deadline for USB type C to be mandatory ports for all smartphones and tech companies for electronic products by March 2025. This means until three months after the deadline in the EU. 

While most smartphone companies are already adjusting to the USB type C ports, it seems trouble for iPhones. Check out similar articles relating to the issue:

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