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Instagram “Quiet Mode” aims to cut off distractions and take a break 


Instagram just announced a new feature called “Quiet mode” to mute notifications and pause distractions from the app. The move is intended particularly for teenagers to reduce stress and anxiety and take a break from regular usage of the app. Let’s learn more in details.

Instagram Quiet Mode feature 

Instagram quiet mode feature

The new “Quiet Mode” feature has first rolled on to countries like the U.S., the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Instagram is expecting to roll out the feature slowly in other countries. 

Once The Quiet mode enables, all notifications are paused and the profile’s activity status will change to say ‘In quiet mode.” So even if anyone sends you a direct message then they will receive a reply explaining that the intended recipient has “quiet mode” activated. This helps users continuing focus on what they were doing. 

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Instagram will also prompt teens to enable Quiet Mode when they spend more time at late night in the app. 

Meta has posted a blog announcing the quiet mode and states

Anyone can use Quiet mode, but we’ll prompt teens to do so when they spend a specific amount of time on Instagram late at night.”

With the new modes, Instagram also announced other features such as New Ways to Manage Your Recommendations. Users can select multiple contents to hide in Explore that aren’t interesting at one time. Instagram can then control such content by avoiding showing it on the user’s feed like recommendations, reels, and searches.

Contol your feed in Instagram

Or you can also hide particular words that you dont want to see content related in your posts. To enable the feature users can access this in the Hidden Words section of Privacy settings. 

Instagram has really taken teen protection features to a more updated level. Parents can now supervise their teens through Family Center and supervision tools. Parents can now even check out which accounts their teen has blocked. They will also be notified If their teen updates settings. 

While the changes aren’t totally a big step, these features are very useful for online protection.

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