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Intel Announced its New 14th Generation Series desktop processors


Intel 13th Gen 13900KS was crowned as it hit a clock speed of 6.0 GHz. Whereas this year Intel‘s new 14th generation desktop CPU comes as a refreshed version of Raptor Lake architecture. In this article, we will discuss Intel 14th Generation desktop processors which include i9-14900K/KF, i7-14700K/KF & i5-14600K/KF along with Intel 14th Generation Desktop CPU price in Nepal and specifications.

Intel 14th Generation Desktop CPU Specification

Intel 14th Gen CPUi9-14900Ki7-14700Ki5-14600K
Total Cores/threads24/3220/2814/20
Performance cores886
Efficient cores16128
Max Turbo6.0Ghz5.6GHz5.3GHz
Performance Core base 3.2Ghz3.4Ghz5.1Ghz
Efficient Core base2.4Ghz2.5GHz2.6GHz
Total cache36 MB33MB24MB
Base power 125W125W125W
Turbo Power253W253W181W

Intel 14th Generation Desktop CPU Price in Nepal and Availability

Intel has officially announced its 14th Generation desktop CPU which costs $589 for the Intel i9-14900K while the Intel i7-14700K and i5-14600K cost $409 & $319 respectively. Therefore the converted Intel 14th Generation desktop CPU price in Nepal is 78,454 for i9-14900K whereas i7-14700K and i5-14600K convert to NPR.54,478 and NPR.42,490 respectively.

Furthermore, yet there is no information on the availability of intel 14th Generation CPU in Nepal but it’s expected to arrive soon. So stay tuned to our website for details on Intel’s 14th-generation processor in Nepal.

Intel 14th Gen CPUPrice in US (Offical)Price in Nepal (Converted)

Intel 14th Generation CPU Overview

Intel 14th Generation desktop CPU

Intel’s new 14th-generation processor is basically an overclocked version of its previous 13th-generation processor. With some new software and connectivity features such as Intel turbo boost Max 3.0 technology, Intel adaptive boost, Intel Thermal velocity boost, and more. Whereas the 14th Generation also gets PCle 5.0 with up to 16 lanes for fast access to discrete graphics, storage, and peripheral devices.

Intel i9 14th Gen: 19-14900K/KF

The Intel i9 is the most powerful processor in the 14th Gen series and the Intel’s desktop lineup. Intel has announced two variants of the 14th Gen i9 processor 14900K & 14900KF the suffix KF means the processor doesn’t feature an integrated GPU whereas all the specification remains the same while the processor with the suffix K comes with an integrated GPU.

Talking about the specification of the Intel i9 14th Gen processor (14900K) it packs 24 total cores where 8 are performance cores and 16 are efficient cores along with 32 threads. Likewise, the processor gets a max clock speed of 6.0Ghz while for base clock speed performance core runs at 3.2Ghz and efficient core runs at 2.4Ghz. Moreover, the 14th-generation CPU comes with a 36MB total cache and 253W turbo power.

Intel i7 14th Gen: i7-14700K/KF

Among all the 14th Gen processors intel i7 14th Gen gets a slight upgrade from its predecessor with 20 core and 28 thread in contrast to 16 core and 24 thread on the 13th Gen i7 processor. Likewise, the 20 cores on the i7 14th Gen features 8 performance cores and 12 efficient core that have a max clock speed of 5.6Ghz, 33MB total cache, and 253W turbo power.

Intel i5 14th Gen: i5-14600K/KF

As mentioned above most of the 14th Gen Intel processors including the i5 14th CPU get only a slight increase in clock speed with few new features. Talking the specification of the Intel i5 14th Gen processor it features 14 total cores & 20 threads with 6 performance and 8 efficient cores. We can find 5.3 GHz max clock speed, 24MB cache memory, and 181W turbo power.

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