Intel announces new CPUs including Core i9 with 18 cores


Intel has finally announced its new Core-X lineup of chips including ones with the ‘i9’ moniker at Computex 2017. The new name itself will have many enthusiasts reaching for their wallets. This time Intel looks to be focusing on increasing the core count of their CPUs. It does seem like the right move seeing as how their last 10 core i7 chip did so well.


The chips announced at the events were the i5 x-series, i7 x-series, i9 x-series and the i9 extreme edition. These chips however don’t feature a newer architecture. Rather it is an updated version of the slightly older Kaby Lake CPUs.

These new chips introduce the Turbo Boost 3 technology which will allow the chips to reach higher clock speeds. Thus performing better in heavier workloads.

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New intel chips specifications

The cheapest CPU on the list is the Core i5-7640X with 4 cores and no hyper threading and a base clock speed of 4.0 GHz. A tier above that lies the i7 series of chips with core counts ranging from 4 to 9 cores all with hyper threading.

But the highlight of this new lineup are not the i5’s and the i7’s but the new i9 series of chips. At the moment, Intel has only announced the specs of one of the i9 chips. The Core i9-7900X  with 10 cores and 20 threads, a base clock speed of 4.3 GHz and Turbo boost up to 4.5 GHz. It includes support for quad channel DDR4-2666 memory and up to 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes. And it has 13.75 MB of L3 cache.

Intel has not released much else information about the rest of the i9 chips but we know that the i9-7980XE (extreme edition) is the most powerful one in the lineup. Featuring a whopping 18 cores with hyper threading enabled for a total of 36 threads. With a price tag of $1999, it’s apparent that this is targeted towards only the high end users- the content creators, enthusiasts and gamers.

Intel’s closest rival AMD has also announced a 16 core 32 thread CPU called the threadripper. It will be interesting to see how the threadripper will fare against the 7980XE.

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