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“Intel Unveils the Long-Awaited Arc A580 Graphics Card”


In a long-awaited move, Intel has officially launched its Arc A580 discrete graphics card, with worldwide availability starting today. The Arc A580 boasts an impressive configuration, featuring 24 Xe cores and ray tracing units, alongside a clock speed of 1700MHz. In this article, we shall talk more about the Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card Price in Nepal and its launch.

Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card Specifications:

ModelIntel Arc A580 Graphics Card
Cores24 Xe cores
Ray Tracing UnitsYes
Base Clock Speed1700MHz (Overclocked to 2000MHz)
Memory8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus256-bit
Memory Bandwidth512GB/s
Total Board Power185W
Performance Target1080p high settings, high refresh rate

Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card Highlights

Notably, all currently announced cards in the series have received an overclocked boost to 2000MHz. With 8GB of GDDR6 memory operating on a 256-bit wide memory bus, the A580 offers a substantial memory bandwidth of 512GB/s. The card draws 185W in total board power, making it quite competitive in terms of specifications when compared to its sibling, the A750.

Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card Price in Nepal

This release marks the culmination of a year-long wait, as the A580 was initially announced alongside the other Arc A-series graphics cards. However, while three of the four cards debuted last year, the A580 remained hidden in silence until now. It appears that Intel was strategically waiting for a sufficient inventory of unused cards from the 7 series before initiating production of the A580.

With specifications closely aligned with the A750, users can expect performance levels that mirror its sibling model. Intel is targeting an optimal 1080p high settings experience for the A580, complemented by a high refresh rate experience facilitated by XeSS, the company’s cutting-edge AI-based image upscaling and reconstruction technology.

Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card Price in Nepal

Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card Price in Nepal:

Intel’s Arc A580 graphics card is now available from ASRock, Gunnir, and Sparkle, with prices starting at $179. Based on international exchange rates, it will likely cost around NPR 29,999 here in Nepal. It will be accessible in all regions currently offering other Intel Arc cards. However, we don’t know when this graphics card will hit the Nepalese market. We certainly have to wait patiently for any new updates.

ModelPrice in the USPrice in Nepal(Converted)
Intel Arc A580 (8GB)$179 NPR 29,999

Check out this video of the new Graphics card from Intel.

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