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Latest Price of Intel Processor in Nepal [Update:2023]


Intel is one of the oldest manufacturers of desktop CPUs. Until the AMD Chips were available in the market, almost all the computers used an intel processor. It is also commonly used at present too. An Intel processor faces an upgrade in every ascending generation. Currently, you can find up to 13th Gen Intel CPUs in Nepal. Similarly, in this article, we will be looking at the specifications, features, and Intel Processor prices in Nepal.

Intel Processor Prices in Nepal

Generally, in Nepal Intel processor costs comparatively less than the AMD processor. Hence, Intel users are also than AMD ones. Now, let’s look at the prices of an intel processor in Nepal.

ProcessorPrice in Nepal
Intel i3 CPU
Intel Core i3-10100Rs.15,500
Intel i5 CPU
Intel Core-i5 10400 Rs.27,000
Intel Core i5 10400F Rs.33,500
Intel Core-i5 11400Rs.23,000
Intel Core-i5 12600KRs.44,800
Intel Core i5 13600KRs.54,500 New
Intel i7 CPU
Intel Core-i7 10700KRs.52,800
Intel Core-i7 11700Rs.54,000
Intel Core-i7 11700KRs.55,000
Intel Core-i7 12700KRs.62,800
Intel Core i7 13700KRs.75,000 69,999 – New
Intel i9 CPU
Intel Core-i9 11900KRs.82,000
Intel Core-i9 12900KRs.84,800
Intel Core i9 13900KRs.96,500 – New
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Introduction to Intel Processor

Intel is a very reliable and budget-friendly processor. In comparison to AMD, Intel is cheaper in Nepal. If you are planning to buy a PC in a budget range, you can check out the Intel processors too. Intel has recently announced the 13th Gen Intel Processors which is quite remarkable. 

If you are planning to go with the intel processor, choosing the 10th or above generation CPUs will be our recommendation. As they come with a lot of extra features and optimized chips. Now, Let’s look at which Intel processor suits your PC along with the price of the Intel processor in Nepal.

Which Intel Processor Suits your PC

Choosing among the intel core i3, i5, i7 or i9 is too confusing whereas the processor generation also adds more confusion. But for ease simply, look for the ones that fulfill your requirements such as core counts and threads. Mosty, i5 will be a sufficient processor, but if you perform too heavy tasks then the i7 or i9 will suit you the most. Similarly, let’s look at all these processors and whom it suits the most.

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Intel Core-i3

The intel core-i3 is an entry-level CPU of Intel. If you have just begun to use computers then this is the best CPU available in the market for learners. Similarly, this process is quite useful for the students or the PC that stores records only. This is the cheapest processor with lesser performance capability. Whereas in Nepal the latest generation intel i3 CPU is yet not available so if you’re looking for one you have to purchase an older generation CPU.

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Intel Core-i5

If you are planning to buy a budget Gaming PC then the Intel Core-i5 might be the best option for the PC. The 12th Gen Intel i5 Processor or 13th Generation will be more useful. While Gaming using this processor, you will be able to play most of the games in up to mid settings like the Ryzen 5. However, the Ryzen 5 will provide you bit a better experience. Keep in mind that the intel is much cheaper, making it a value-for-money CPU.

Intel Core-i7

The intel core-i7 is one of the best suitable processors for heavy users such as video editors gamers and more. This processor will be sufficient for every work you perform. The 12th Gen intel core-i7 processor or the latest Intel 13th Gen i7 is better with more functions. So if you want a mid-range Gaming PC, this is the most suited processor.

Intel Core-i9

The Intel Core-i9 is for someone who wants more. This processor can utilize even the best GPUs to the fullest. Most of the Premium Gaming PC use this processor. The price of the intel core-19 processor is more but its performance is the best. If you are planning to use a processor for the long term then the i9 won’t disappoint you.

We have collected this information from different sources. What do you think about Intel Processor Prices in Nepal? Also, which among AMD and Intel do you think is better? Be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below.


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