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Interesting facts about PUBG that you might not know


PUBG holds the world record for the most simultaneously played game of all time since it was launched back in December 2017. The game hit around  3,106,358 people playing the game simultaneously. The game had seen an exponential amount of exposure which further increased when it was announced for smartphones. Interestingly, the game broke its own record it made in September the same year. Even today, PUBG is in the top five most played games by the current count. Despite being so popular, some interesting facts about the game are still a mystery. So here are interesting facts about PUBG that even most hardcore fans don’t know.

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Name and its true meaning:

PUBG stands for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND. The name is pretty weird but simple at the same time, and there is a good reason behind it. The creator of the game, Brendan Greene, was also an avid gamer, and the name he used for his player in the games he played was Player Unknown. All of it makes so much more sense now.

Most Simultaneously Played Game:

PUBG holds the world record for most Simultaneously Played Games of all time. Back in 2017, the game held the record for the most played game of all time. Interestingly, the game broke its own record it made in September the same year. Even today, PUBG is in the top five most played games by the current count.

Winner winner chicken dinner:

All hardcore fans of PUBG crave for the title of ”winner winner chicken dinner.” This basically means getting the first position in a classic ranked match. The interesting fact about this phrase is, the developer didn’t develop it. During the great depression, a period in the 1930s of the economic crisis was when people used to gamble. If they played with money and won, they could afford a chicken for dinner. With time, the phrase caught on and became what it is today. Fortunately, we don’t have to gamble to get the chicken dinner for ourselves.


Maps in PUBG:

There were four maps, but PUBG added a new mini-map being five in total with the updates. The details of the maps are as follows.

  • Erangle:

The first-ever map of PUBG was “Erangle.” With size 8*8km, it is the largest map in PUBG. It is the most recognized map in the history of PUBG. Most of the players prefer this map because it has many different terrains and is great for everything. The name Erangel was inspired by the creator Brendan Greene’s daughter Eryn. Combining ‘Eryn’ with ‘Angel’ gives us one of the most recognizable places by any gamer who has played PUBG.

This map is basically a deserted terrain with a total area of 8*8km. After Erangle, this map is the most played map in pubg mobile. One of the great features of this map is for sniping. With the advantage of the geographical terrain of this map, it makes so much fun for snipping. It includes great cities like LOS LEONES, PECADO, SAN MARTIN, and other intense fighting places. Unlike Erangle, this map provides exclusive vehicles like the Minibus, Mirado. Likewise, it provides us with a rare sniper “win94”.

  • Sanhok:

 This map is known for its tropical rainforest type of climatic region; sanhok is an interesting map to play with. This map comes with a size of 4*4km. Unlike Erangle and Miramar, sanhok is almost half of their size. With the small size, the game finishes way too quickly, making it easier to increase the K/D ratio. This map is great for assault fighting with intense hiding spots. Sanhok provides us with exclusive vehicles like scooters and tukshai. Also supported by rare gun QBZ. Real life like shanok is located in Myanmar, visiting Htukkanthein Temple in Mrauk U.

  • Vikendi:

Filled with snow, this map comes with an area of 6*6km. Vikendi is a mid-sized map with intense fighting places. This map is great for taking your opponent head-on because there is nowhere to hide. This map exclusively provides a white ghillie suit supporting players to hide in open areas. Unlike other maps, this map gives the advantage to ski while playing. The exclusive gun G3GC also supports an exclusive vehicle named snowmobile.

  • Livik:

The new map mentioned above is this map with amazing features. The map comes with a size of 2*2km. Basically, we can say that this map is the mini version of all the other four maps. Livik is featured with a rich and diverse landscape with different types of terrains for faster matches. Likewise, the Highlighting feature of this map is the time period to finish one classic match. Players can finish a match in 15 minutes or less. This map comes exclusively with a rear vehicle, a “monster truck.” And amazing new guns like MK14, MK12, and p90. 

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The exclusive season offers:

Every 2 months, PUBG brings an exclusive offer of crates for the players. The new royal pass provides us with amazing guns, vehicles, skins, and outfits. Giving us a chance to buy them with the help of UC. By the end of a season, the offer resets, coming up with other exclusive skins.

PUBG NepalOngoing 3rd anniversary offers:

With the great success of PUBG mobile, the game gifts an amazing dance hall background theme for the time period of 60 days. With the background theme, the game provides us with an influencing dance hall party song theme for a time period of 60 days. PUBG names the celebration of the 3rd anniversary “electronic music festival,” which itself sounds cool. It includes an amazing M24 skin with all these offers, which is very cool looking mixed with purple, neon, and green colors.

Real-life places in the game:

The game consists of many fictitious places and buildings; however, it also consists of many real-life architectures, including the School, from the infamous Chernobyl, Russia. The shelter is the abandoned storage of nuclear weapons at Feodosia – Ukraine. Ruins are based on the Mountains of Dagestan, Russia. In real life, Pochinki is a small village in the Mordovia region in Russia. The military base is the popular hunting ground for pro players. The sniper tower is one of the most used sniping locations in PUBG. It turns out that the tower actually exists in real life and is present in Duga, Russia.

Banning in PUBG:

Cheating is never tolerated anywhere in the world. PUBG is the same, as many people who allegedly cheated in the game have been banned. According to the company, cheating is defined as using inappropriate programs, bug abuse, etc., and can result in a permanent ban. So if you get banned, make sure your grandchild takes home the chicken dinner for you.


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