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iPhone IOS 16.2 Beta released with AOD( Always on Display ) options


iPhone IOS 16.2 has been freshly released for all the iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max users. The new OS beta release brings two new checkbox options for AOD; features to hide your wallpaper and disable notifications. Apple has released this function along with plenty of bug fixes and some improvements. Let’s get into the details of the new iPhone IOS 16.2 Beta released.

Welcoming new iPhone IOS 16.2 Beta:

iPhone 16.2 AOD feature

Apple has introduced new Always On Display customization options for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. It comes with the ability feature to hide the wallpaper and disable notifications. iPhone 14 Pro users will now be able to disable the wallpaper and switch to a black screen while in AOD mode. The display will still show the time, date and any widgets users have set. Furthermore, notifications can now be turned off, ensuring a cleaner AOD experience.

Similarity to android users:

The function is almost similar to android users. However, the iPhone 14 user performance on the feature seems more improved performance with improved battery endurance. While the android default feature option chooses to show the time, widgets, a dimmed version of the wallpaper, and even artwork if the user is listening to something.

The IOS 16.2 AOD display dims everything on the display and only shows the clock and some notifications in black and white.

The update is currently available for testers and new users will have to pay to be a part of it. A public beta build is also expected to be released very soon, which will allow you to try all-new features without paying anything.

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