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Iphone 13 series will be featuring 120 Hz AMOLED screens made by Samsung


Android devices have been using the 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED panels for quite some time. Likewise, we came to hear that Apple will be using Samsung’s 120Hz AMOLED panels for the iPhone 13 series. Here, let’s look at further information about the iPhone using Samsung’s 120Hz AMOLED screen.

Apple iPhone 13 is the upcoming mobile that will be a great combination of functionality and style. The phone is speculated to be launched by 2021. You will be able to buy this lightweight, sleek and stylish phone in different color options. Likewise, The phone is rumored to come with a magnificent 6.2 inches AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate panel, which Samsung itself will provide. A resolution of 1170 x 2532 Pixels, which will bring out content to life.

iphone 13 120hz amoled

Moving on, the iPhone is also being provided with a Rigid, Flexible PCB. It is a hybrid between Rigid and Flexible PCB with better shock-resistance and is used for high-density applications. It consists of rigid and flexes components, and the flexibility of the flex component enables 3-D circuit connection. Other models in the series will have Flexible PCBs, and since Rigid Flexible PCBs are slightly expensive, you will see it only in the two pro models.

As we know, the new iPhone 13 series will be featured with the 120 AMOLED screen display; Samsung will provide around 110 million AMOLED panels this year. Likewise, the second supplier: LG, will provide Apple with about 50 million panels for the cheaper version of iPhones.


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